Monday’s Journal From Guatemala

Wow…we are quite the adventurers! It seems like these couple of days in Guatemala have flown by. So fast in fact that my thoughts seem like a blur as I try to write. Yesterday was our “touristy” day in the city of Antigua. Part of our team went zip-lining, horseback riding, and I took a city tour and then did a chocolate tour. It was fabulous! I think everyone on our team is getting acclimated to a higher elevation, and the cool weather. What a shock that was! It is actually cold and rainy here, but even as I type there are people splashing in the pool just outside my window. Go figure!

Today was our first day at the center. I didn’t remember the first day being so exhausting, but I think trying to get a feel for what it will be like and actually being with the kids all day long wore me out! I feel so tired after playing all day. The center is beautiful and there have been many additions and changes since I was last here in 2014. Our team is spread out all over from an off-site day care center, to the day care children at the center, to the dolphins and canaries (the babies who need more care). I have heard wonderful stories today from all of the girls on our team. Be sure to check out Facebook for all of the pictures from today. They’re on my Facebook page.

Anyway- It’s dinner time, so I’ll update later tomorrow after our day at the center.


It’s Adventure Time!…and a Note From the Heart

Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear..png

I began writing my blog in November 2011 as a way to use my love for writing and words to tell the stories of what God was doing in my life. Then, many things were happening…I was leaving on my first international mission trip (ALONE) to the Philippines in the summer of 2012 and I knew I was leaving behind my family and friends who all wanted to keep up with the stories. Throughout the years, I’ve written about every single mission trip…faithfully. I’ve written about the things the Lord placed on my heart and I’ve always been convinced that with 1 follower or hundreds of followers, God would use these stories to remind me of His love and faithfulness in my life. They would serve as letters written in a journal that just so happened to be made public. Someday I’ll look back on all of the words and see the fingerprints of a life marked by God’s special design. That’s always been the plan.

For many months now, it seems that writing on the blog has been more and more difficult. I could blame it on a busy schedule or just a lack of desire. Aside from this blog, I’m writing for Lifeway and other companies where now I have outlines and deadlines and word counts to meet….it just isn’t the same! I do miss it. I miss the freedom of words that aren’t forced….the ability to just write from the heart.

I thought there’d be no better time to jump in again- if only for a little time- to tell the stories of my next adventure. I’m doing something I’ve never done before! My team and I leave for Guatemala tomorrow and this will be the first time I’ve gone on a particular mission trip twice! I’m actually thrilled for many reasons. I’m looking forward to going back, but I’m so excited about taking people I love with me. The stories don’t do it justice….honestly! You have to live it. And so for these friends (And Family…Hi MOM!) to get to experience this with me is such a blessing in my life. This will be the first international mission trip for six of the girls on our team. I can’t wait to see their faces when they lay eyes upon the beautiful city. I can’t wait to experience with them the culture I’ve grown to love. I can’t wait to watch them love and feed and play with the children at the center. I can’t wait to watch God completely change them from the inside out….I am so very excited.

So, if you’ve clicked on this blog through an email you received, thank you. Thank you for subscribing and believing in me enough to want to know when I write a new post. Thank you for reading.

If you’re reading this from a link on Facebook or Twitter….thank you for reading! Your click inspires me and supports me. I would love it if you would consider subscribing to my blog. I promise I don’t write often enough to fill your inbox with junk. I simply tell the stories as I live the life….and that’s it!

I’m looking forward to this next adventure. I’ll be updating the blog everyday while I’m in Guatemala. Feel free to read, share, and comment. Let’s talk about how God is working and let’s celebrate together all of the wonderful ways He loves us!