Lessons for Life: Practice Your Purpose and Always Carry Hope!

            I learned a valuable lesson last week. A lesson that I think will shape my future and it certainly has reshaped my mindset! People always equate discovering God’s purpose for our lives with some miraculous and divine revelation from Heaven. I was one of those people until I realized that discovering our purpose is actually found in the subtle clues given to us by the Father. You see, we’re already equipped for every good work the Father has for us to do (2 Tim. 3:17). We already have every talent and ability we’ll need to fulfill our purpose on this earth. I didn’t discover my purpose when God spoke in a deep, audible voice from Heaven saying, “Kindall, my child, this is what I have planned for you to do.” No! In fact, I didn’t hear Him with my ears at all…I heard Him with my heart. You see, it wasn’t until I took the time to write down my passions and talents that God actually opened my heart to receive a glimpse of my purpose, and I’m still learning each day what it is! I just reviewed that list a few weeks ago and was in awe of how many of those things (no matter how random each one was) have begun to take shape into a beautiful masterpiece…my purpose. I mean, how do you analyze and utilize a love for teaching, music, art, missions, kids, people, travel, etc…? You don’t. I don’t. God does. He takes each individual piece of me; all of my unique talents, abilities, and passions, and he forms them into my purpose. I had to take a look inside my “talent toolbox” to discover the tools that I’d been given. He unveils the use of each tool in my life. I wish I could say that I had it all figured out. I wish I could see the finished picture. I can’t. You see, faith in God’s plan for our life requires that we walk with blind expectation; knowing fully that God has a plan and that we are to carry our toolbox to every job we’re assigned to.

            So, this eye-opening experience took place just last week when a woman (who happened to be blind) spoke at a women’s conference I attended. (I’m telling you…the messages from this conference have been resonating with me all week!) She said that she believes she will one day regain her eyesight and that she carries her car keys with her as a reminder to herself that she always carries hope. Hope is never lost when we know that God can use any situation or circumstance to prove that He is still God. I may not be blind, but I surely have my own set of “hopes”. I have a hope to marry a man of influence. I have a hope to speak to many people and share my story. Because of faith, these hopes are also expectations. When our heart’s desires line up with God’s will, He is always able!!! God promises good things for His children. My hope is never lost as long as I know that God can and will use these circumstances to prove that He alone is God and that He is in control of every detail in my life story. I’ve adopted the mindset that God has given me every day as an opportunity to practice my purpose. So how am I practicing? Well, I’m writing. I’m going to the Philippines to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth! I’ve created a blog as a way to share with others what I’m learning. I’m praying that the Lord will continually open doors for me to share with and encourage others. He’s working in me and through me to fulfill His plans for my life. He’s writing in me a life message that will win people for Him someday. I carry that hope as I practice my purpose.

Awaken Conference 2012: Thoughts from the Conference

The Lord really showed me some things this weekend at the Awaken Women’s Conference that Kari and I attended and I’d love to share these with you. I know we were there for a reason. I believe God is just confirming everything He’s been doing in my life and I am honored that He chose me! Here’s some thoughts from the conference…

1. Resist the devil and he WILL flee from you!

2. The key to your passion for God is your persistence in pursuing Him.

3. Choose life! Life is made for living.

4. We often overlook the treasure of life and the very fact that every life is a treasure!

5. Vision is birthed in the darkest hour and with vision, in the dark you can see anything!

6. Disappointment= His appointment

7. What am I practicing? I should be practicing my purpose! What do you practice?

8.Today is in preparation for what is coming tomorrow.

9.Desire and purpose go hand in hand.

10. SEEK, ASK, and KNOCK!!! If God did not have more for you, He would have told you so!

11. Always keep your vision in front of you.

12. Get out of dead center and begin doing something!!!

13. Be authentic! Life messages win people.

14. God will give you all you need to speak with favor.

15. You might have a vision, but know that God’s is BIGGER!

16. Every moment in your life is strategic.

17. It is a privilege to be used by God.

18. Passions lead to purpose.

19. You must live an interruptible life! Can your life be interrupted by God?

– And Finally-

Our purpose is to passionately pursue His presence with perseverance to achieve our potential!