South Africa 2014

I never dreamed I’d land in Africa! I had the most amazing time serving at the KYP (Kliptown Youth Program- You can find them by clicking here.) with some wonderful new friends from Michigan (my Michigan family…). We took part in traditional African celebrations, learned all about the heritage and culture, and got dirty playing with some of the most precious kids in the world. I loved every minute of this trip and hope to go back someday soon! Here are some pictures from that amazing trip.16674_10152626216221670_6114537520706115035_n

1425744_10152626216471670_2639647451766162665_n 10341952_10152538821276670_7288003457715665091_n 10352749_10152626215691670_1363879929432979079_n 10384746_10152626217671670_7405684245097384213_n 10409644_10152626215861670_5144580142379734754_n 10428024_10152538825596670_46272276113821495_n 10437663_10152538820926670_2332993216527293134_n 10444629_10152538821526670_8009873797372180286_n 10457875_10152538826611670_7400880109991818962_n 10464068_10152538819191670_8942337513095447042_n 10464280_10152538842431670_3895579405177056220_n 10470735_10152626217116670_3538713998539198905_n 10478178_10152538805341670_7802717969307947418_n 10478925_10152626216146670_618770337868109318_n 10479746_10152538805246670_5894879343045907586_n 10523868_10152626216711670_2825464190194064473_n 10525669_10152626215771670_2327955343598118783_n 10570478_10152626215391670_8442167281874590491_n



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