About Me

About Me HeadshotOnce I discovered the power of a story- specifically my story- I knew I needed to write. I write simply because I want to remember and in remembering along the way I see how God has been writing my story from the very beginning.

Living a life full of adventure is truly the best way to live. That’s what this blog is really all about- adventures and the stories that I can tell you about because I’ve deeply lived.

From my southern roots, I’ve always been a dreamer. And I dream big dreams. The kind you’d read about in fairy tales and the kind that make me just a little afraid. It’s in those big dreams that I find God’s purpose and plan for my life and I learn to rely on him more and more.

I spend my days teaching rowdy 6th graders and then doing life with high school youth group students of whom are like family to me. I’ll probably write a book about them someday.

I love southern food, road trips, sweet tea, and I have a weak spot for warm chocolate chip cookies. It’s hard to say no (I know you get me.) You can read more of the stories and encouragement for life by checking out my blog page, here!

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