About Me

Hey, Y’all! Well, this seems like a one-sided introduction now doesn’t it! (I guess it is, for now anyway!) I’m Kindall. I’m a simple, southern girl with a passion for Jesus and ….gosh, a whole lot of other things!

I spend my days teaching 4th grade (I’ll probably write a book about them someday), spending time with friends and family, cooking and then cleaning up the kitchen after a good meal with my people, teaching piano lessons, serving on our church’s worship team, decorating my house, leading Bible studies, and writing. (There’s probably more, but….time.)

I love southern food, road trips, sweet tea, and I have a weakness for warm chocolate chip cookies. It’s hard to say no (I know you get me.). I grew up a PK- for those of you who don’t know, PK’s are Pastor’s Kids….dun dun dun…. and rumor has it they’re typically the most rowdy in the whole church. Not me, though. I’m mild, hee hee.  I’m the oldest of four sisters and mama hen to just about everybody. I’m glad you found your way to the blog. Hopefully, you’ll find something worth reading, or sharing! You can read more of the stories and encouragement for life by checking out my blog page, here!

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