Tuesday Journal From Guatemala

I can hardly believe today is already Tuesday! It seems like the week is flying by, but at the same time, I’m losing track of the days. It’s like being in a completely different frame of mind on the mission field- one where the days don’t necessarily matter, but how you spend them does! We’ve been spending our days loving on the kids and these precious Guatemalan people. They are so nice and welcoming. And to be honest- sharing this experience with my people has been the greatest gift. I’m sure I’ll talk more about that later in the week.

Today, I was given the task of preparing lunch for our team. It’s no small task, however. We feed over 50 everyday for lunch. I was honestly so excited because cooking is something that I love to do and on most days, I’m pretty good at it. I had no idea, though, what being on the cooking team would mean. So, this morning I jumped right in and started preparing bananas and strawberries for a dessert. Haley was on my team too. Our leaders asked (in Spanish) if we’d like to go to the store to get bread. So, not understanding anything except “tienda”, which means “store”, I said that I’d love to go. Anytime I’m on a mission trip in a foreign country one of my favorite things to do is get out into the city and just be with the people. I love to watch their way of life and participate when I can. Anyway, so I thought we’d be going to the store in one of our vans….but I was so wrong. We started hiking down the mountain and toward the city when I realized what was happening. The malnutrition center sits at the top of a rather large hill…more like a mountain. It has a paved road that winds up and around from the city streets below. So. Down we went. And the only thing going through my mind at the time was, “Man. This is crazy! Walking down this hill is a piece of cake but going up is going to kill me!” At the bottom of the hill we gathered our huge basket of sandwich loaves and some coffee cookies and back up the hill we went. I was breathing so hard I honestly had no idea if I’d really be able to make it or not. [Wake up call.] As I walked down the hill I thought of all the ways walking up would be so difficult and although I wasn’t complaining, I didn’t have a positive attitude either. But on the way up…All I could think about was how grateful I am for a car to be able to drive when I need to pick up a loaf of bread. I thought about how much I take for granted in the everyday things…and how walking that hill for these people to bring their children to a center that loves and cares for them is an everyday thing. Nothing this week has touched me like this. I’m saddened by how lazy we can be sometimes, yet how hard these people work to survive.

I’ll also say this. I’m not sure if you’re reading this because you follow the blog, or you just want to keep up with what is going on with our team on the trip, but nothing will change your heart like a mission trip will. And although I know I’m going home to a life of privilege and comfort, there’s a part of me that changes. There’s a piece of us all that will change. And for some of us, our perspective on life will be different. I’m loving getting to witness these women love on the kids and serve families the way that they have this week. It blesses my heart to know that Christian Fellowship Temple produces young people that not only love Jesus, but they love people. All people. Even the poor. Even the dirty. Even the orphan. They are being the hands and feet of Jesus this week and that is something to be proud of.




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