What Preparing For A Mission Trip Is REALLY Like…

Lately my days have been consumed with planning and thinking about how to raise the funds for our upcoming mission trip this summer. I mean. DAYS AND DAYS of working and planning and PRAYING! I’ve been on many mission trips, both far and near. This is the first time I’ve ever led a trip…and by lead I  mean completely “unofficially”. Orphan’s Heart is leading the trip when we get there, but I’m in the driver’s seat when it comes to passing along the information and getting everyone on the same page before we arrive at the airport in June. New territory for me.

This weekend we’re having a yard sale and bake sale to raise some money for our trip. (I might have failed to mention that each one of us must raise $2,000… no big deal, right?) My house…well, my garage….looks like a thrift store full of clothes and home decor and baby gear. All stuff I hope someone else finds valuable! (Hee, hee). Not to mention, I’m baking in every spare minute I get. Cupcakes. Cakes. Cookies. Brownies. AND THE GROCERY SHOPPING! Whoa. I forgot there won’t be a bake sale without the dreaded trip to the store. Thankfully, that’s over with and everything has been purchased so that our sale can (hopefully) be a HUGE success.

I realize that some of you might not really know much about our trip and what we’ll be doing. So, check out the info graphic below. It helps to explain things better much than I can with words in a mere blog post. And it’s way more fun to look at.

My heart is set on this: I want this team I’m traveling with to experience God on the mission field. I want them to step into a land that isn’t like America. I want us to see how blessed we are…how abundant our lives are. I want them to meet new people and I want them to know what it means to love the least of these. On this trip, they will do just that. They’ll see and hear and do things they might not ever have the opportunity to do in our blessed land. They’ll walk close to Jesus and I hope, I hope they hear God speaking louder than they’ve ever heard Him before.

If you feel led to give to our trip, you can do so by making a tax-deductible donation to Orphan’s Heart in my name. I’ll provide the link below. While I feel the weight of the impending monetary requirements, I feel even more the burden for prayer. Please remember to call us out when you pray and I know every need will be met as the Lord sees fit, in His perfect timing.

6 Facts about our Trip! 1.png

Ready to give? Click HERE to make a donation and be a part of making a difference in the lives of children in Guatemala. Be sure to include my name as the trip participant.

Lots of Love…


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