I’m Going on a Mission Trip!

For many months now, God has been working quietly behind the scenes in my life. Lots of loving and serving and pouring out words on a page means that at some point I’ll probably need to slow down and allow some time (and room)to be filled up again.

A busy schedule, a back-to-back writing season, and leading Bible study sometimes takes a toll…not on me physically so much as emotionally and spiritually. I want to be someone who leads and loves well and in the midst of it all sometimes what truly matters gets lost in the shuffle.

For months now, girls in our youth group have asked about serving God on the mission field. I’d dismiss it as just another request to go “do” stuff. And in doing so I questioned whether or not we’d ever be able to go and serve God on the foreign mission field. There’s something about chasing God around the world that compares to nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’d ask around…hesitantly, for sure… if anyone knew about trip opportunities or ways to get there, wherever “there” may be. And for many months the doors felt closed and I became the quiet leader who wasn’t doing much leading at all. Needless to say, their requests never ceased.

About a month ago, the conversation came up again. “When can we go on a mission trip?” they’d ask. And please understand… these are highschoolers whose passion for Jesus is glowing. “We want to do something,” they’d say.

And then it hit me.

Why am I so caught up and worried about losing them after high school when I have an opportunity right now to be a part of what could be the difference maker in each of their lives?This could very well be God’s way of handing me another opportunity to witness the life change that takes place on the mission field whether it be on foreign or domestic soil. God is there. And he is with us now.

Last night, after leading Bible study, I gathered in a room with 10 other girls who are so serious and excited about serving. And my heart skipped a beat. They want to do this. And I get to be the hands and feet of Jesus right alongside them. What an honor.

fullsizerenderSo, I’m going on a mission trip. This summer, I’ll be traveling with Orphan’s Heart to Guatemala to serve in a malnutrition center. (I’ve served here before….remember this?) The cost of our trip is $2,000 and to be very honest with you, I have no idea how God is going to come through as I try to raise the money to go. I’m being faithful in answering the call, but I’m doing so very humbly this time because I don’t know how it will happen. I do know that God is faithful and he will provide.

We’ve talked about some ways to raise the funds to go and so I’ll pass these along as information in case you’d like to give to support my trip expenses. Most importantly, however, I’d ask you to pray. Most of these girls have never traveled internationally before and so their faith is carrying them through a season of much dependence on God and his good plans for their life. It inspires me and my faith grows watching theirs.

Ways to be a part of this new adventure and changing kids’ lives in Guatemala for good:

  • Donate to support my trip fund via Orphan’s Heart (This is tax deductible. Please include my name as the trip participant): Click HERE to give now.
  • Give via my PayPal Link (This goes directly to me for trip expenses) : Click HERE to give now.
  • Buy a t-shirt from me! The cost of each shirt is $20. More info and ways to order coming soon!
  • Buy a custom wood sign…handmade by yours truly! Cost per sign is $15. All proceeds go to mission trip cost. Email me for more info! (kindallcrummey@gmail.com)
  • If you are unable to give financially, please pray for us! God knows the need and I trust he will meet it.

Much love to you. Thank you for being a difference maker in my life and in the lives of children around the world. May God bless you and keep you.


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