Life of Kindall…As a Camp Staffer!

Life of Kindall TitleBy the time you’re reading this, I will be well into my first day of camp here at North Greenville University (NGU). I’m sure I’ll be busy meeting, greeting, running “PIT” for registration, or maybe I’ll be rushing to get to staff meeting on time. Who knows. But I want you to know that even as I traveled today, I had so many thoughts and feelings about this week.

I’m really thankful to be here with my sister, Korie. I mean, she’s awesome and I feel much more comfortable knowing that a piece of home is here with me….an actual living, breathing piece of home! I’m so excited for the opportunity to work a week of camp again. I miss it, honestly. And every time I think about it during the summer I wonder why I never did pursue it as a summer passion…I guess the Lord had other plans in mind and that is perfectly okay! I’m here now! I am also looking forward to being an X-FUGE host this week, well an X-FUGE on Mission host to be exact. I’ve never done X-FUGE before so that should be interesting and lots of fun. I’m looking forward to it. (If you don’t know what X-FUGE is, I’ll have to tell you all about it sometime!)

Even with all of the happy and excited feelings, I’m still nervous. Not knowing the people, what to expect day to day, or even what I’m really expected to do at this point makes me feel a bit uneasy. But I trust that every little thing will work itself out. I can’t help but think about how I felt working camp my first summer and how it took weeks to learn the ropes….I’m only here for 6 days. (Eeeeek!)

So, I don’t want to spend to much time laying out all of the details, but I did want to send a quick update and make note of a few funny (and some not so funny) things that happened today….so here we go.

  1. I almost witnessed an accident while traveling today as a U-Haul trailer blew a tire and lost control before regaining it and making it safely to the side of the road. Praise the Lord I witnessed the whole event unfold through my rear-view mirror. And I’m thankful for traveling mercies.
  2. I broke a shoe today. Wasn’t on campus for an hour and already had a broken shoe. So I had to go buy a new pair right off the bat. Oh, joy.
  3. I almost broke the glass plate at lunch today as I cut my piece of chicken into bite-sized pieces….my finger slipped off the knife causing the knife to slip and [very loudly] hit the plate. Everyone within a two-table radius jumped. IT WAS THAT LOUD.
  4. ANNNNNNNDDDDD…..I also broke Korie’s bed tonight. Literally sat down on the bed and the box spring broke. [insert face in hands…] I don’t know what it is today…and I clearly got the hint that I’m walking these hills for a reason this week!

So the week has gotten off to a rather interesting start….I’m sure there’s already more tales to tell by now! If you’d like to follow the life of Kindall as a camp staffer blog updates each time I post, you can follow me by simply entering your email address in the “follow me” box on this page….It’s easy and we’ll both be glad you did! (hint, hint.)

In the meantime, I’d be so grateful if you would remember me in prayer this week as I adjust and learn and live life to the fullest here at camp as a staffer. Let the adventure begin!



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