Tiny Steps

Sometimes I find that in the whir of life (or in the fast pace at which I usually tend to go about living my life) I get really absorbed in zipping and zooming from one activity to the next that I never truly get anything accomplished. And by anything I mean, anything even remotely close to pursing my dreams (the real big ones) and the calling that God has placed on my life. Your purpose is meant to be pursued, not set aside.

Something changed for me today and I want to share it with you.

Without going into the nitty gritty details of the day, you need to know these three things:

  1. I had a really stressful morning at work.
  2. In the midst of that, I’ve had to have not one, but three (YES, THREE) very difficult conversations today.
  3. I may have cried a little over the stress and the pressure of it all. Because ya’ll, I’m human and sometimes my heart just hurts.

I’m not sure exactly how to name it yet, but I tend to do lots and lots of soul searching and thinking when life comes at me hard and fast. I know it sounds strange but when this happens, I’m running hard and fast toward quiet. (Thus the blog post….writing is often a quiet place for me.) And I’m completely unashamed to admit it. I’ve actually discovered some of my most treasured quiet moments in the midst of a hard battle I’m fighting. (That’s the Lord’s peace, by the way. I know exactly how to name that!)

Today, I marked several big things off of my to-do list. Although big for me they were small actions that brought me a little closer to where it is my heart calls me. I think it came as a shock to myself mostly because I’m shy and very, very cautious to take tiny steps, much less leaps of faith. I know (well, my head knows) that I’m gifted and talented, but my heart is much less easily convinced. Somehow, today, my heart jumped on board. And altogether we moved in the direction of purpose by faith.

It may have only been in the form of a phone call, a text, and several emails, but this afternoon dreams weren’t just dreams, they became dreams with action and effort and heart. And I think as scary as it is to start doing something with our dreams, we have to believe that God isn’t going to leave us. He isn’t going to drop the dream in our hearts and disappear for good because His work is finished in us. It’s actually just beginning. When we’re chasing hard after our God-given purpose, we’re chasing hard after God. That’s important. It really is.

So today, as I’m seeking a little bit of quiet because the battle is hard and my heart just needs rest, I’m so thankful that I’ve finally found the guts to put some action to it and start walking forward with both a renewed sense of gusto and grace. I’ve taken some steps toward pursuing my purpose today and it just feels really good.

What can you do today to start pursuing your purpose? 



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