God Doesn’t Forget

I’ve been thinking lately about all of the projects that I’d really like to get to…and those I need to get to. They range anywhere from getting my Easter decorations finished around the house to baking a new recipe that looks really (really) good to making time to write and plan for our upcoming girls’ Bible study nights. Oh, and I really need to clean out the fridge! (That will be a project!) Annnnnnnd pay the bills. And mop the kitchen floor. See what I mean? The list grows. My mind drifts. Nothing gets accomplished. It gets kinda crazy at about this time of the year for me. With all the school testing and spring break fever and let’s just be honest- LIFE- finding the willpower to keep up with the day’s demands gets harder and harder to do. Maybe you can relate.

In fact, last week I drove up to the house, like I always do, mind focused on two things- lunch and um, lunch. (Well, one thing really.) When I pulled into the driveway it hit me. It was Tuesday. The garbage truck had already taken my neighbors’ trash and mine….yeah mine… was still sitting at the garage door full of garbage. How lovely. That’s just what I wanted- to spend another week with the leftovers. Geez Louise. I realized that in all that I had going on, taking out the trash completely slipped my mind. I couldn’t keep up. I DIDN’T keep up. I forgot.

When things get really busy in my life, I begin to forget. I forget the seemingly little tasks like taking the trashcan to the road because my mind is lost in getting other things done. I know where this leads. I’ve been here before. A full mind can be a forgetful mind. I know because mine is.

And then this thought came to me: Although I strive to be like Christ daily, I won’t ever really have it all together. I’ll still forget sometimes. But God, the God who made me and you, the God who created the galaxies and formed the earth, the God who has known me by name since before I was even a thought, knows everything and still, still doesn’t forget the details. Details matter to our God. He balances the weight of the world in the palm of his hand and still, he knows my thoughts, my fears, my insecurities. He knows what makes me laugh and what makes me cry. He knows that I don’t really like chocolate ice cream and that I can’t fry pork chops like my mama to save my life. He knows what I’ll become and who I’ll marry someday. God knows about all my “projects” and still he sees far beyond what my mind can fathom into my own future. He knows exactly when I’ll stand at the end of this life’s journey and yet he doesn’t forget that the journey matters. He doesn’t forget that I’m here and I’m his. And he hasn’t forgotten about you either. Let that sink in.

God Hasn't ForgottenMaybe you needed to hear this today. Be encouraged. I often write because I, too, just need to hear it sometimes. I need to be reminded that God is bigger than Monday morning. He’s bigger than my greatest fear or insecurity. God is more capable of keeping it all together than I ever will be and in that alone I find peace.

To the mama reading this today from behind the desk at the office or in the middle of laundry in the living room, God hasn’t forgotten about all the details of your life. He hasn’t forgotten about the dreams you feel were placed on hold while you raised babies. He knows all about those nights you stay up praying for your child. He hears you. God sees deep into the details of everyday life and finds purpose and value. He knows your concerns and you’re greatest joys. He didn’t forget that he made you for moments like this.

To the young woman, the 20-something like me, trying to find her place in the world, God hasn’t forgotten about that promise he made to you. He knows your ins and outs, your ups and downs. The God who created you knows exactly when the right doors will open. He knows who that man is he made for you and exactly when he’ll come knocking on the doors of your heart. He didn’t forget that deep within your heart dreams and divine purpose were born. In fact, he placed them there. He sees how hard you’re chasing after a life of meaning and purpose and value. He made you for moments like this. Keep running hard after him.

To the teenage girl who’s just trying to survive high school and hormones, God hasn’t forgotten what it feels like to walk in your shoes. The pressure. The weight of it all. Grades. Teachers. Parents. The youth group. Sports. Friends. You name it. God hasn’t forgotten that you’re here although at times it feels like you may get a little lost in it all. God created a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, masterpiece when he made you. You’re able to survive the teenage years with grace and integrity and humility and purity. You can because God is for you. You are not forgotten. And let me add this- no matter how far away he feels from you, God will not forget that you are his.

So today, I think we all can agree with the fact that sometimes we just need to be reminded that God knows us well. He loves us and he hasn’t forgotten about the details of our lives no matter how many times we mess it up. I’m so thankful that God doesn’t forget. Aren’t you?

God, I’m so thankful that you haven’t forgotten about me. I know that I can find peace and rest in the fact that because you made me, you know every detail about me. There’s not one other person that has ever been or will ever be like me, yet you know me individually like you know everything else you made. You see the big picture of my life here on earth, from beginning to end and still, the journey details matter to you. You know what moves me. You know what burdens me. You know my inner being better than I know myself. I stand in awe of you that you balance galaxies and even the grains of sand in all the earth in the palm of your hand. God, even in all of this, you haven’t forgotten about me and you won’t. My life matters. My days matter. My moments matter to you. Help me to remember this truth today. Amen. 

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