Today is _____.

I’m writing today from a place of ___________. (insert chirping crickets) Nevermind.

I don’t know, really. I’m writing from the front porch….(and my goodness gracious- people drive really fast on this street. Sorry. I get distracted.)

Honestly. It’s Monday. It feels like Monday. I feel tired and a little stressed and like I have a million thoughts dancing around in my brain just wanting to get out. I have so much to say but I can’t find the words I need today.

There’s just no wishing away the fact that today has been __________. (cue the crickets again.) I actually have no word for it really. (Well, there’s probably lots of words that I could use to describe today…I just won’t write them.)

Maybe you’ve shared this place and these feelings before. There’s an enormous burden to speak and write and tell, but an unbelievable lack of words. Hmmmm. Oh, the irony.

If you were sitting with me on the porch today….I’d probably be talking about how off balance this day has been. I’d share with you the unexpected events that have literally thrown my day out of whack. I’d tell you all about the stress I feel and the pressures that are real. I’d tell you about how much I want to do and be…but how I can’t find the means to make it happen. I’d probably share my disappointments and the reasons why I’ve quit a hundred times in my head today. -and we’d drink sweet tea or eat ice cream. Or both!

But none of that could ever measure up to the reality that God made today and today is good.

Today is good. (I won’t get all “hyper-spiritual” and emotional on you right now…but just know that when God does a little open heart surgery, it’s impossible not to feel it.)

Today is good because the sun is shining bright. I love days like

Today is good because I got to give love…truth: at times it was tough love….but still. It’s love.

Today is good because I had lunch with my sister. I love that.

Today is good because my Amazon order arrives TODAY! (Okay, that’s not really a great reason why today is good, but I’m happy about it anyway.)

Today is good because no matter what has happened or what will happen I’ll never walk alone. And even in the midst of those stressful, ugly places, God walks with me and reminds me to see Him in those moments.

He is the good. He makes all things good.

(I think it’s amazing how a shift in our position causes a change in our perspective.)

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