Girls Ministry Update

Some really exciting things are happening in our girls ministry at church and I can’t wait to share (but I can’t share everything yet). So, I figured that today was as good a day as any to update the blog with ways you (my friends) can be praying for this ministry as we grow.

After our first group Bible study last May, our ministry seemed to really kick off and then we went to summer camp (Where’s all my FUGE lovin’ friends?!?!) and saw exponential growth not only with our girls but in our youth group as a whole. I’ve said this time and time again to our leadership team, but I have never been a part of a group of students who love to be together and have done just that long after the summertime hype of camp has ended. I mean…it’s February, ya’ll! We’re planning and praying for God to do some wonderful things in our youth group this year.

Now, about the girls.

Here’s my heart. I love, Love, LOVE these girls and this season that God has me in. It’s been such a fun ride so far and I know that God still has great things for us to do here. As for me personally, I’m praying about writing a new Bible study for our girls, but the words just won’t come. Sometimes my well of words seems a little dry- like now. Would you pray for me? The heart is there. The head is there. The words are not. (Thanks, friends!)

Without going into too much detail here on the blog, I thought that maybe I could just leave a little list of things that you, my friends, could be praying over us as a whole. Then, (because I’m taking a little poll…and polls are kinda fun, right?!?) comment below in the comments section, on my Facebook page, on Twitter, Instagram….or wherever else I am (even in person!) that you’ve read this and that you’re praying for us. It will mean so, so much to me and our team as we gear up for another great year in girls ministry.

Thank you, friends.


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