November Story….Gratitude Documented

November StoryMy little world has been so busy lately! I know it’s time to make some room for things to slow down when today alone I’ve walked out of the salon and forgot to pay my hairdresser….(had the money in hand, too!) and I’ve miscounted the water bill thinking I was paying the correct amount…nope! Oh well. Life is short and these are the days I’ll look back on and laugh at sometime I’m sure. But for now, they’re quite embarrassing! I haven’t posted in a while. Not for lack of motivation, just lack of time and space. Again, yet another reason to create some time and space in this busy schedule of mine. (I get it!)

With the holidays being just around the corner, I’m now getting ready for our big piano recital and class parties. Besides that, I’ve got like 6 or 8 birthdays to remember in the next month or so and I just got an email that reminded me I’d signed up to go to a training next Tuesday….out of town. That means piano must be rescheduled…..which means I’m piling Tuesday’s plans into another day’s agenda and hoping it doesn’t blow up……somehow it has to work! I’ve got a yard sale this weekend that I’ve spent the last 3 weeks preparing for and guess what….?? I’ll be out of town for that too! I’m so thankful for my Mom! She’s so great at doing those kinds of things and I know the yard sale wouldn’t happen without her. Welcome to my world, friends. Welcome. (And if you’re in town, come buy all of my stuff….please.)

I think it hit me last weekend when something struck an emotional cord and I realized that if I continue to get so wrapped up in this life of lists and meetings and mayhem, I’m going to miss the beauty of the holiday season altogether. I’ll miss making wonderful memories, but most importantly, I’ll miss the true meaning of it all. So, I’ve decided to take the “Thanksliving” challenge. You may have seen it on some of my social media* posts. I found this incredible resource (for FREE might I add….) that gives me space to document each day and remind myself of the things I’m truly thankful for. I realized after day 2 that the typical, cookie cutter “I’m thankful for….” answers were’t gonna cut it. I have 30 days to get through, people! 30 days! So I broke it down and in typical Kindall fashion, I found myself documenting the experiences that truly impacted my day….no matter how tiny.

Dinner with a friend. Laughing with my class. Quiet lunch breaks. Teaching piano lessons. 

The list goes on. And everything seems so simple! It amazes me how much of the good stuff I overlook in a day. So, if you’re anything like me and the list of to-do’s just keeps getting longer, let me encourage you to download the workbook and start making your way through it. It isn’t too late to join us and it is so worth it! If I can’t find a few minutes before dark each night, I’ll sit in bed and make it the last thing I do, but I do it. 

Documenting my gratitude allows me to see the blessings of this life everyday. I see God’s hand in the little details and I’m reminded that He knows me. He has a plan for me and it is good. Always good. I am blessed and so are you, friend! 

*I’m documenting 5 things everyday that I’m thankful for in my ThanksLiving book, but I’m also sharing just one thing each day on social media by using #thanksliving and #novemberstory. Feel free to join me as we fill the month of November with captured moments of gratitude. Download the free ThanksLiving Workbook HERE!


[ The ThanksLiving Workbook was written by Michelle Myers at She Works His Way. You can link to her website here…..She Works His Way ]

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