20 Little Ways to Love Big

20 Little WaysTo Love (1)I’ve been doing lots of thinking lately. I guess it isn’t so much the sitting still and contemplating big ideas kind of thinking, but more like living life with my eyes wide open and actually seeing things. I’ve learned that I do more watching and thinking and seeing when life gets busy and I’m involved in these seasons of hands on ministry. There’s very little time for writing and I hardly ever sit still, but life in these moments is so sweet and for me, so full of lessons to learn. When things settle down a bit, I write and reflect. Like now. Bible Study ended and there’s a little more time to put the lessons I’ve learned on the pages.

I’ve been “thinking” lately of some practical ways to love others. I think we need to practice love. Life should really be less about what others can do for us and more about what we can do for others. I think truly loving others is a work of the heart….and it requires a servant’s heart. I’ve found this kind of love to be so fun and a great way to build relationships. Not long ago, I quit stressing about finding time to love others and instead found a way to work loving others into what I already do. I made loving others well a regular habit and although I’m no expert in the field, I do know that my eyes are more open to ways I can show those around me that I love them. When my mindset changed, my lifestyle changed. My life became so much richer when valuing people and loving others became a priority for me. Here are 20 practical and fun little ideas to love others in a BIG way.

  1. Send a postcard in the mail….handwritten.
  2. Have dinner together. (Cook or go out!)
  3. Leave a surprise note. (Add a candy bar to make it extra sweet!)
  4. Go bowling or play putt putt….on a whim.
  5. Celebrate life’s special moments. Make a big deal out of it! (See #7.)
  6. Take a friend to a favorite spot.
  7. Use balloons every now and then to brighten someone’s day.
  8. Spend some quality time together…..and talk!
  9. Always send an invite….include others in your life (Even if it just means going grocery shopping together!)
  10. Ask questions. Get to know people beyond just knowing their name. Discover who they really are.
  11. Answer the phone…..stop screening so many (or all) calls. (See #15.)
  12. Give a “just because” gift…just because.
  13. Set aside a designated time to hang out…..plan for it and around it.
  14. Pray for one another.
  15. Be available….make time for the things that really matter. People matter.
  16. Write a note and leave it in an unexpected place.
  17. Always affirm and encourage. Build others up.
  18. Acknowledge accomplishments and celebrate successes.
  19. Be forgiving and flexible. (Think grace and mercy.)
  20. Be a little less efficient….think big. I always ask myself, “How could I make this better/ more fun/ more memorable?” Go all out.

Do you have any ideas to add to the list? What are some ways you’ve shown love or others have shown you love?

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