Thank You, August

Thank you AugustWhen life gets really busy, its easy to forget all the good things that happen in a day, or week, or month. That’s why writing on the blog is like remembering for me. When I finally make some time to write these letters to myself (so it seems), I can remember much more clearly these lessons in life and the stories that surround them. It wasn’t always like that for me. I didn’t always view my life like a story- especially one that should be told.

August was a hard month, but a really good month too. It was a time for change. A time to let go and take hold. All in a month I’ve watched friends gain and lose. I’ve witnessed the joys and struggles of being so caught up in living that sleep doesn’t matter (Yet I learned how much it does matter!). August was a time to give and receive, to love people so much, to close out one of the best chapters in my life and begin writing a new one. Here is what August taught me.

  1. I learned that no matter how much I don’t want something to end… will end. Late nights ended. Early mornings began. An open schedule ended and a schedule that’s barely open began. And regardless of my complaining and whining, the fun of summer ended and my real life began again.
  2. August taught me that really doing life with others means that there will be laughing and crying. It requires both. Not just one or the other. We weave our lives together in our most vulnerable and joyful moments. We celebrate the ebb and flow of life in this way, the highs and the lows, the good and the bad.
  3. I have learned to accept the challenge of change. I’ve never done anything good in my life that the challenge of change wasn’t present. I’ve never been met by so much change at one time in my job, either. (And I’m still trying to get my feet under me. Feel free to remember me and and Room 117 in your prayers!) Nonetheless, we’re rolling along and I will survive.
  4. August took me so far outside my realm of comfortable that I’m not sure I knew I could be here and be okay. I did things in August that (had it not been for my commitment to obey the Lord) I never would have done. Honestly, August was a trying month, and an uncomfortable month on so many levels, yet a month of growth and new adventures. And in case you’re wondering, I’m okay with it now.
  5. I believe that August taught me to accept my season; to not wish that a season would last forever or a new one would begin, but to truly be okay with this place. I feel like my life is turning a corner. As a new school year is beginning, I’m having to let go of the freedom summertime allowed me. I’m learning to be alright with cheering on the students in my youth group from the sidelines now and not from the field. So many new things. So many new experiences and this season is teaching me to take each day one step at a time, letting go of the hands that no longer need me to hold them and taking hold of hands that need someone to walk beside for a little while.

That’s life, friends. The giving and taking away. The loud and the quiet moments when somehow, in the middle of it all, life becomes a series of lessons, teaching me to be more like who God intended for me to be. Letting go of what was has been the hardest part, yet I can only trust that the next chapter will be much greater and full of people and places that will one day be written into my story- probably in letter form like this- and like always, I’ll read and remember and say, “Ahhhh. This is it. God’s plans are good. Let’s keep writing.”

Thank you, August.

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