Making Time

originalWell, it took me almost a week to get back to reality after camp, but I think I’m almost there. The bill paying and house cleaning yesterday probably did it for me. I thought that once summer vacation was in full swing I would have no problem making time to just enjoy the slower pace, however, life has been anything but “slower pace” since school got out, and that’s not all a bad thing. The blog saw a lot of activity during camp week, but since I’ve been back home, finding the time to write has been hard to come by.

Today, however, I’m focusing on making time. In fact, I’ve been making time all week for lots of things except writing- and that’s okay. I’ve made time to make some music with friends, cook lunches (which I never do!), spend some time watching TV shows, have a sleepover, swim in the pool, go to the beach, go to softball games, watch movies, and much more. You know, I’m just making memories! And God has shown me some things in all of this.

#1 I’ve had such a fun time doing these things! Having people over to my house delights my soul and cleaning up when they’re gone isn’t so bad when I consider what that time meant to us and how our lives are different because we have each other. Nearly an entire day spent cleaning and doing laundry pales in comparison to how our lives are changed when we make time to spend together and enjoy laughing, talking, and living in these moments.

#2 Life is truly about making the moments you have count. So, while my writing schedule seems to be a little out of whack, my living and taking in the moment schedule is right on track. Since I’ve been home from camp, there hasn’t been one day that I’ve made plans. Adventure just happened when I allowed it to. I am so excited about the spontaneous adventures that are yet to come and the moments where time seems to stand still because I’ve chosen to simply make time for living.

#3 God calls us to be like this. I realize that not all of you are necessarily on summer vacation and that jobs and family responsibilities still exist in the midst of your own “making time.” My prayer is what Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” I want the Lord to show me exactly what to do with my days so that my heart may be full of wisdom. There’s great value in seeking the Lord’s way versus my own. I’m a planner by nature, so having a week full of not making plans has been somewhat liberating. God has helped me to see exactly what needed to happen and how I could go about making time for it. 

I’m thankful for eyes to see this truth and the moments that I’ve lived in this week. God is good to us, friends. Make some time for living this week!

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