Our First Full Day of Camp!

First, let me begin by simply saying how proud of this group I am. I’ve never been to FUGE with a group of students quite like this one. They’re awesome on a whole other level and it absolutely delights my soul to spend time with them and get to know them better. I’m proud of them for being brave this week and coming to camp. I’m proud of them for being willing to lay aside the comforts of home and a familiarity to chase after God and discover what it means to be alive and free in Christ. They’re so fun to be around. I’ve literally laughed until it hurt and already shared such sweet moments with them. They’re polite and by far the best dressed group at camp! We’re off to a really great start.

Today was our first full day of camp and with that comes much anticipation for what the rest of the week holds. We went to bed really late last night (ahem…1am for me) and woke up around 6am this morning to get the day started. You’d be so proud of your kiddos. They were up and at it without any trouble this morning! Woo Hoo! Let’s see how long that lasts! We ate breakfast together and then headed into morning celebration where we sang and got all geared up for the day ahead. After that, we (adults included….) conquered “THE HILL.” I’d prefer to call it the mountain of death, but somehow the term “hill” sticks. Let me tell you this…. that is ANYTHING but a hill! On top of that, it was wet and muddy today from the rains yesterday and last night’s dew. I was just waiting to roll down and take everybody below with me. Thankfully, that didn’t happen! I don’t know about the kids, but I had to stop several times for a few moments of “tranquility”…if you know what I mean. Our kids were such troopers today, though. Some of them climbed death mountain  the hill two or three times.

After recreation, the kids had Bible study which was a time for them to talk about God’s word and dig deep into the truths we can apply to our lives. We learned specifically today about how to take steps of faith and act on what God calls us to do. You can follow along with us through Bible study by downloading the parent guide HERE. (It’d be a great way to have conversations with your child after camp about what God taught them while they were here!)

This afternoon was a fun time filled with activities called track times. (I’m sure you might have heard of them.) Some of our students were in adventurous tracks like kayaking, ropes course, laser tag, redneck paintball (which is paintball only redneck style….the kids can tell you all about it.), etc. Some of our students participated in sports tracks like volleyball or battle ball and then some were in classroom tracks where they had an opportunity to learn about ministries or hone in on specific skills like playing the guitar or sharing their faith.

After dinner, we joined the entire camp in a time of worship and diving into God’s word together. It was powerful. It was thought-provoking. It was life-changing. In other words, it was really good (LOL)! It is neat to watch our kids worship from a leader’s perspective in a room full of teenagers just like themselves. They are sincere and I know that God is doing something special in their lives this week.

Please continue to pray for us. We never go on a trip to FUGE that satan doesn’t try to attack or get us distracted in some way. However, we know that God is fully in charge and completely capable of dismantling the schemes of satan. I’m eagerly anticipating what the next few days will hold for our group and I’m praying that God would give us the boldness to bring what we’re learning back to Baker County. You are so loved and I know your kiddos miss you. I do pass along the comments you write to the kids, so if you’d like, please feel free to send a message or a note of encouragement below this post.


Group Shot

4 thoughts on “Our First Full Day of Camp!”

  1. Brooklyn- we miss you at the lake… But seeing the picture of you today holding the green flag with a huge grin made my day! (And by the way.. Your leg muscles rock! Lol!) Your mom and dad are surviving… Although Shelli walks around with her phone in the evenings threatening any one of us to touch it… Just in case Brooklyn calls. But.. She is surving. 😀
    I love you and miss you! And so does Sophie and Abbey (they are seeing all the pictures also!)


  2. Wow! What an amazing day it sounds like everyone was busy from the begining to the end of the day. Missing Sierra lots, but it’s so wonderful knowing she’s serving our wonderful Lord! I am so excited to hear from her every time she calls, I cant’t thank you enough for Facebook updates, pictures and most importantly being there with our most prized possession Sierra. Give her a giant hug and tell her we are so proud for being the wonderful servant she was called to be, my phone doesn’t leave my hands either, wether I’m out walking at 5:40 am in the morning or lying in bed at 12:00 am waiting for a update. This truly has been a unforgettable trip for myself and her. We both have met so many people and I feel myself growing in Christ with yall”s journey! I can’t hardly wait to see what the next day brings! Patiently waiting. Love, mom


  3. Sierra, printing the Parent Devotion for myself. Can’t wait to print pictures and go over everything in detail with you! Keep smiling that beautiful smile! You are such a blessing! ❤️ Mom xoxoxoxo😘


  4. Makayla I am so glad you are having a good time. We miss you here at home!! Payton walked by your room and said “she doesn’t like Joe not being here” we love you JOE miss you dearly but so glad you wanted to go I know you are going to be blessed more than anything you can imagine!!!!! I loved my weeks at camp. Love you bunches and bunches !!! You are such an inspiration for me and help me more than you will ever know in my own life. Love you and remember give it all to God and let him in and do his work in you this week!! 😘


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