Night One Update: We’re SO Tired!

We’ve survived the first night of camp! Sorry for such a late update, however, I might have forgotten just how busy the first night really is when I promised a blog post. From the time we pulled into Ridgecrest, we’ve laughed, sang, danced, met new friends, ate, worshiped, played games, prayed, and celebrated God. It’s been a non-stop kind of day and we’ve loved it.

I’ve especially enjoyed getting to watch our students who are at camp for the very first time. It’s like going to Disney World as a child. There’s the awe of the bright lights, loud music, and majestic mountain scenery along with wide-eyed shock from how big and loud and busy this place really is. There’s over 50 churches here this week and right around 1,200 campers. Tomorrow we’ll start getting into some kind of routine. (Which will be so nice!)

It is almost 11pm and the adults are tired, but hanging in there. I’m currently sitting in the Centennial Cafe with many of our students who’ve decided that 11pm was the perfect time for cotton candy, ice cream, cheese sticks, and jalapeno poppers. All I can say about that is….Welcome to camp. Hopefully they’ll fall asleep fast!

I’m looking forward to getting to share our week with you through the blog. If you’d like to be notified when I post, you can follow me by entering your email address on the right side of the page. You’ll get an email directly to your inbox for each new post. I’ll also share the link on Facebook. Please feel free to comment or share. I’m passing along your sweet comments to our students and they’re loving it! We love and miss you all and truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

xoxo- Kindall

3 thoughts on “Night One Update: We’re SO Tired!”

  1. I love you Sierra! So happy to see your smile in the pictures! Enjoy FUGE camp and know we can’t wait to hear all about it! Xoxoxo
    Love, mom


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