It’s Camp Week!

Alive and FreeThis is the week our youth group looks forward to and works toward all year long. We’re going to FUGE! In fact, to me, this week is probably one of the most special weeks of the entire year. I’ve had the unique opportunity to attend camp, work on staff at camp, and chaperone for our church’s trip to camp for several years now. And every year, my life is changed or impacted in some way.

This year, our group is relatively young. By young I mean that we don’t have quite as many “seasoned veterans” going with us. This makes it extra fun for me. Many of these kids have never seen the mountains, they’ve never been to all of the fun places we’re planning to take them, and of course, they’ve never been to a camp like this before. I love watching their faces as we drive through the winding mountain roads (and around those tight curves in this 56 passenger bus!). I love listening to them ask questions and get excited about all of the fun things camp brings. I love hearing the stories about their first year of camp and how the experience far exceeded their expectations. It seems to make all of the prayers, and work, and stress worth it. I think the most beautiful thing about camp, for me, is the opportunity we have to spend a week away from home and in the presence of our Father. We’re away from the distractions that everyday life tends to present. We’re separated from the normal routine and placed right in the middle of God’s plan and purpose for our lives- if only just for a week. Without a doubt, God has us together, in this place, for a reason!

I’ve never been more convinced that when we are brave enough to leave our comfortable places to become uncomfortable for the sake of growing closer to Jesus, he always draws near to us. He talks to us and changes us. Jesus becomes alive and real to us when we’re away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We recognize his presence in these places.

I’ve traveled the world with Jesus, and I’ve always found this to be true- Jesus meets us in the place of our willingness to be brave and simply chase after him.

This week, I join 54 others in chasing after Jesus. We’re looking forward to all of the fun things we’ll do, but most importantly we’re excited about meeting him and growing into the plans and purposes he has for our lives. Please be in prayer for our group this week. Here are some specific ways that you can be praying for us:

1. Pray for safe travels.

2. Pray for health for our students and adults and also the camp staff.

3. Pray for lives to be changed. We’re going to have a good time, but most importantly we want to be different when we come home. We want Jesus to meet us in the middle of our mess and change us forever. 


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