Becoming: Girls Who Serve

Girls Who ServeWe’ve made it! To our final post in the series, that is. I believe that if we could teach our girls to become women with fearless faith who find value in waiting patiently, leading, and serving, it can make all the difference. There really needs to be a shift in the culture, especially the church culture. And there’s great value in mentoring young women to be independent thinkers, dreamers, and doers. We not only need women who will exercise their bold, fearless faith throughout life, we need women who aren’t afraid to wait for God’s very best- even if it means being different and walking a path that, at times, can seem lonely. We need women who will find their place not only in the world, but in the church, specifically to lead and serve. Women offer a complex, but very much needed gift to the church. We love deeply and work hard. Women are, by nature, nurturers. It is a blessing that we can relate and do life with other women. We have a unique role as leader in the body of Christ that ironically is just now coming to light in our culture. Ten years ago, the places for women to lead in a church were far and few in between. Now, we’re seeing a great shift and many opportunities are becoming available in churches around the world. It’s time that women take their place as leaders God gifted them to be and have an active presence in the church by leading and loving well.

However, far too often, we overlook one very important quality that well-rounded women should have. We talk a lot about leading and having faith and waiting patiently, but we sometimes fail to talk about being a servant first. We forget to mention that God expects us to do something with the gifts and talents we’ve been given. He wants us to use them to serve others, to show love. Now, before you start getting anxious, let me explain. I’m not saying that we should keep a mindset that says women are the servants. I’m asking you to envision with me a place where young women learn to lend a hand, bring others along beside them on the journey, and help each other reach the mark for Christ.

I believe that in our society, we’ve lost our love for people. We’ve drifted far from what once was common courtesy to simply help others and instead have become a people who are self-centered and vain- stopping at nothing to reach the top even if it means hurting others along the way. I don’t think that’s how God intended for us to be. What we’re seeing is the direct result of a world and a people marred by sin and Satan’s schemes to turn us toward ourselves instead of others. We’ve inadvertently adopted the “me” mindset and have become blind to the “we” mindset altogether. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

If you’re just not sure where to start, start small! Do little things that help others or brighten someone’s day. It really could be as simple as walking the shopping cart to the cart collector in the parking lot instead of kicking it up on the curb. (Real life example, ladies. And you know how hard that walk is to make sometimes!) It could be as easy as offering to buy breakfast for a friend or leaving a candy bar in the mailbox for the mailman. Start looking for opportunities to serve. Be intentional about seeking out moments in your day where you can be an encourager, a helper, a friend. Then act. Do something with what you see and hear. If you recognized a need, try to meet it. Far too often we become apathetic toward the needs that are present around us every day. One small step in the direction of service can open the door for God’s blessings to flood your life. We leave such a huge impact on the people we encounter every single day. We have the ability to help others meet Jesus simply by being a servant. I once heard it said that you are never more like Jesus than when you’re serving. To be honest, one of the most beautiful qualities a young woman can have is a servant’s heart.

Hearts that are soft can recognize when someone needs a little pick-me-up to get them through the day. Girls who serve are girls who can change the world one simple act of love at a time. Try it sometime!

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