Becoming: Girls With Fearless Faith

Becoming: Girls With Fearless FaithSo, I thought that it’d be fun to start a new mini series of posts for girls about becoming who we were born to be in Christ. Much of what you’ll read in the “Becoming” series actually comes from the Bible study my girls and I are going through on Monday nights. (I’ll put a link to a sample of it at the bottom of this post.)

When we talk about faith, especially in the Christian community, I feel like the term itself gets tossed around quite a bit. Hence, if you’ve spent any time in a church or around a group of Christians you’ve probably heard of  said “faith.” I wonder have you seen faith in action? It’s easy to say, “Yeah, I’ve got faith….” or, “My faith is strong…” Yet, for young women who are making decisions that will affect their future, I feel the need is great for older, Godly influences to not just talk about faith, but to model faith and live it out every single day.

God says that if we’ll have faith the size of a tiny mustard seed, we’ll be able to move mountains (see Matthew 17:20). Powerful promise, huh? I’ve grown to view my faith like this: I, Kindall, wasn’t born with deep wells of faith. My faith has grown and developed as I’ve taken this journey with Christ. One decision based in faith leads to another and another and before you know it, I’m making great leaps of faith because my trust in who Christ is to me is strong. As I look back over my own life I see where great things were accomplished through me- NOT because I had great faith, but because I took the tiny seed of faith I did  have and planted it safely in God’s hands, allowing Him to work through me. It was the tiny step to simply say yes to what I felt God was calling me to. Or, it was the tiny act of putting one foot in front of the other, headed in a direction I could sense the Lord asking me to go. When we take our own tiny seeds of faith and place them in the Father, he multiplies them and one day you’ll look back and see great mountains that faith has moved.

For me, I know that filling out the application to go to the Philippines on mission was a tiny seed of faith. Tiny. It was easy to put my name on the paper and accept the fact that I had done my part. However, when God opened that door, it took another seed of faith to walk through it. It took another seed of faith to follow through with my decision to go and many, many more tiny seeds along the way to accomplish what God had planned for me to do. I now look back and instead of seeing those tiny, individual seeds of faith that I planted in Christ, I see mountains. I see huge mountains that were moved in my life and monumental times where God was doing something miraculous- God was calling me out of my safe and comfortable lifestyle and into a beautiful story- my story.

It’s like that for all of us. When we fearlessly take those tiny seeds of faith and plant them in Christ, he multiplies and grows the roots deep so that our faith becomes strong and secure. Having experienced times when God moved mountains in my life makes my faith that much stronger. What starts out as just an itty-bitty sized faith turns into great big sized faith and before you know it, you’ll be taking leaps you never thought you’d take. Faith works that way. It isn’t something we just talk about, its something we do- an action we take. I love what 2 Corinthians 5:7 says about our faith,

“We live by faith, not by sight.” (emphasis added.)

If we live by sight alone, we’re missing out on the best parts of life. We’re missing the adventure, the spontaneity, the joys of knowing God’s true plan for our lives. I never, ever saw myself traveling the world on mission for God, speaking hope and truth to thousands who didn’t even speak my language, or writing a blog. I never saw Kindall as being anyone capable of living the life I’ve lived thus far, but that’s how faith works. We truly live by faith, not by our sight. If we choose not to live by faith, our lives remain stuck in the box of only what we can see. It all looks the same, it never grows or becomes more or multiplies. I truly believe that we’ll never know who God can be in our lives if we never live by faith and begin planting even the tiniest of seeds in Christ. Just saying that you have faith isn’t enough. I would ask what you’re doing with it. What small steps are you taking? Where is God calling you to (or from)? It could be putting your name on the application, making a phone call, sending an email, or literally walking into the place God is calling you to. Plant the seed and step through the door. I can recall having to plant many mustard seeds of faith in my life so far. And guess what? The mustard seeds of faith haven’t run out yet! Just when I think I can’t do something, God always helps me find the faith to give it a try. And even if I don’t get the results I expected, the seed doesn’t die. Faith without works is dead- doing something with your faith will ALWAYS LIVE. It will always grow. It will always cause mountains to move. Living life through faith is always worth living. So, go ahead. Be fearless. Have faith!

How are you planting seeds of faith? How has God moved mountains in your life? Where has that faith been most evident?

(You can read a sample of the Bicycles and Balloons Bible study for girls HERE! Be sure to share your thoughts!)

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