Sweet and Sour Teaching

Today is Monday. If you’ve been following the blog you probably already know how I feel about Mondays and being at work. I’m thankful for my job, but almost sad at the fact that the weekend is over and the next one is (or seems) so far away. 5 days. I keep telling myself that I can make it. And actually, there’s only 2 more Monday mornings left in the school year, so I think I will make it. (Teachers everywhere are clapping and cheering and celebrating this fact…).

Today has been quite a day already. My mind seems to be everywhere. I’m trying to focus on teaching, but my heart wants to leap out of my chest in excitement for Bible study with my girls tonight. In addition, I’m still so thankful for the events that took place this weekend. My heart is so full and I inevitably keep playing it over and over in my head. It was a dream to walk in my purpose and share life stories with women I call family. Sweet friends and family.  I pray that God continues to open doors. He will in due time.

I spent last Friday shopping with my Mom so my class was taught by a substitute teacher. Teachers know what its like to leave their classroom in someone else’s hands. For Room 117, it’s a lot of work. It’s a huge leap of faith, and one often accompanied by prayers for the substitute and my kids. I used to really worry about it, but I’ve since discovered that my time off is worth enjoying so I don’t stress so much any more. Thankfully. Room 117 always seems to give my substitutes quite an adventure and lots of entertainment while I’m gone. Friday was no different. So today, I walked in ready to put the pieces back together as I always do.

Since we’re getting ready to close out our school year, behavior in Room 117 seems to be getting weirder and weirder. Students from other teachers have been frequenting my classroom, most with sentences in hand. There’s lots of talking and redirecting going on and I feel like I’m always, always repeating myself once, twice, ten times. It’s exhausting, really. So my mind is everywhere and I’m doing what feels like double the work. This, my friends, is kind of sour.

But we won’t stay there long. I need more of the positive- more of the sweet stuff. So here’s what I’ve got. It is pretty sweet that my class is being well-behaved today. Lots of repeating directions, yes, but fussing and arguing and ill-tempered moods, no. One of my students complemented the Mother’s Day song my sister and I sang in church yesterday (well, she sang. I played the piano.). That was kind. Overall, things are running very smoothly today. However, I have to tell you about the sweetest (I think…) thing that was said to me this morning.

So, I’m wearing a new shirt today. The kids always notice when I’m wearing new clothes. (That’s sweet!) Stripes (a current favorite) and pink polka dots. It’s girly and fun. As I’m getting ready to teach, one of the little girls speaks up. She says, “I like your shirt Miss Crummey. You remind me of a cake.” (I’m not sure what to say.) She goes on, “And the pink dots remind me of sprinkles.”

I thanked her and laughed to myself thinking, how often is it that you’re told you look like a cake? I’ve been told many things….(like the one time my class told me I looked like I was wearing a towel. I never ever wore that jacket again.) This was the first time I was ever compared to a cake. But, cakes ARE sweet (and delicious and certainly NOT a part of the diet plan…) and so I took it as a compliment. The kids in Room 117 are so honest and truly very funny. So, happy Monday, friends. I may need some cake to celebrate hearing the 2:00 bell ring.

I knew you’d want to see the shirt. Here it is in all of it’s cake-like glory. 🙂

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