Here’s What I Hope…

BikeYesterday was an incredible day. It was hard. It was messy. It was busy. But, it was also full of little miracles and answered prayers. I’m so excited about what God is doing and all the newness in even the chaos of my life.

Last night was night 1 of our girls small group Bible study. I’ve been praying about this for a long time. I’ve been writing and pouring my heart out on paper for what feels like an eternity- telling pieces of my story along the way. I’ve jumped out trusting my faith in God and His timing to help me fly. I’ve prayed for Monday nights and the girls God would entrust me with if even for a short season. And last night it happened. An answered prayer unfolded as 14 girls came to see what “Bicycles and Balloons” was really all about. They have no idea how excited I was to see them. Nothing beats sitting around with friends, eating junk food, and talking about the good things God is doing and wants to do in our lives. I know this is just the beginning for them, but I was honored to sit in a room full of strong girls last night. It thrills my soul we’re walking this road together.

Here’s what I hope each one of those girls know when they think of our Monday nights on the big, red couch…..

I hope they know they’re loved so much. I hope they learn to see God in each moment and remember to pray always. I hope they feel comfortable enough to each ice-cream from the carton and grab a coke from the fridge in my home. I hope they build strong friendships with each other. I hope they know that they’re not alone. I hope they see that they were born to stand out and follow their dreams. I hope they remember to laugh- especially at my lousy jokes and silly stories. I hope they faithfully practice building community. I hope they stick with it- even when its hard. I hope they find something in themselves they didn’t know was there. I hope they look forward to being together. I hope they learn to carry each others’ burdens and encourage each other like crazy. I hope they see Jesus on Monday nights and stay close to Him always.


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