When Monday Comes

IMG_1006I went back to work today after a long (but not nearly long enough) spring break week off. Things just seemed to happen way too fast and last week now seems like a blur. But Monday has come and Monday is almost gone. I made it. You made it, friend. I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I can feel myself start getting geared up for the inevitable on Sunday afternoons while I try to squeeze every last drop out of the weekend that I can. It’s like my body takes a deep breath in and slowly lets it out saying, “Monday’s coming. Let’s do this.” (Clearly the struggle is real.) When Monday does come, I want have high hopes for the week. Maybe you do too. I want to believe that it will start well, end well, and everything in between will be awesome. It hasn’t worked out without a hiccup yet.

This morning, I struggled to get out of the bed. 5:40. 5:50. 6:00. 6:30. I’m still half asleep with not a single desire to move. AT ALL. I finally did because I had to or I’d be late for work. Monday morning makes me miss my weekend routine, though. (And I had a great morning routine going last week.) So on the weekends, I wake up at 7:30. Watch the sunrise. Drink some coffee. Talk to Jesus. Listen and write. Enjoy the quiet morning moments in all of my pajama and messy hair glory. It’s wonderful, really. You should try it sometime. These are the opportunities I used to take for granted. During the week, I’m out the door before the sun really comes up so those sweet moments aren’t an option for me.

When I arrived at work this morning (after getting stopped by the train and narrowly finding a place to park), I found that my classroom was about 15 degrees warmer than it was outside….and I’m in Florida. It’s warm, y’all. They did eventually get it fixed. I didn’t complain because the Lord checked me on it. A good lesson in perseverance it was! We were sticky, but we survived. On a funny note, I bought I new school shirt with my name on the sleeve and it came today. Except that what should say “Miss” Crummey actually says, “Mrs.” Crummey. See.

Photo (1)

Apparently I got married and kept my last name. (I’m sure my face was priceless when I realized. Oh well.) So tomorrow I’ll be sporting it. Classy, I know.

Here’s the deal. Today didn’t start so well. When Monday comes I have a tendency to be negative and grumpy sometimes. Well, lots of times. I’m learning, though, to enjoy the Monday moments. Like today, Mondays are always a great reminder that things might not go as planned. It’s humbling, actually.Mondays remind me that I might not have it all together and that’s okay. They help me see why I need Jesus. I’m reminded of the verse from Proverbs 20:24 (MSG) that says, “The very steps we take come from God; otherwise how would we know where we’re going?”

We wouldn’t. When Monday comes it’s a reality check for me that I don’t really know where I’m going at all, but God does. He directs my steps and I choose daily to follow Him. I’m just Kindall with messy Monday mornings and a reason to make the most of the moments I’m given every day. (And laugh at the craziness or write about it on the blog.)

Here’s what I’m praying this week:

Lord, thank you for Monday (and Tuesday, and every other day this week.) I know that sometimes I don’t get it right. I’m greedy with the time that actually belongs to you. Open my eyes this week to see where you want me to walk and give me the faith to simply walk in it. Wake me up each day with a renewed sense of your love for me and my purpose here in this season. Allow me to have opportunities to share sweet moments with people this week in conversation, in prayer, in laughter. Let me live well, love well, and also rest well this week so that I’ll be ready when the next Monday comes. Amen.

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