Movie Night Recap (With The Mosquitos)

It’s Saturday and I just had to recap the totally fun and random movie night we had last night in the backyard. (Yes people. A backyard movie! Ahhh! So fun!) We absolutely had a blast and I can’t wait to do this again. So, we invited some students over and had everyone bring a chair or blanket and we literally set up our own backyard theater. (I must admit- I was a little nervous about the neighbors and being smack dab in the middle of the city, but they’re great and I would have just claimed “ministry” for the sake of everyone involved had the cops arrived. You’re welcome. But thank goodness they didn’t!) We had hamburgers and hotdogs (and plenty of sweet tea). In fact, my Dad even let us use the (almost) vintage hot dog cooker that steams the hot dogs and the buns. Where we got this thing- I don’t know- but it was super cool. Thanks, Dad!

When the darkness finally fell, it was time to start, so we popped some popcorn and passed around the snacks. The mosquitos even came out for the party! But, thanks to Korie’s quick thinking, the mosquitos were no match for the dryer sheets and bug spray. (And as an added bonus, everyone left smelling Downy fresh.) What a neat atmosphere it was to watch “God’s Not Dead” with these friends. In the city. Under the stars. Nothing but fun. Proclaiming this truth to anyone who could see or hear what was going on was a neat aspect, too. One of the neighbors did peek out of her bathroom window for a little while. I guess she thought no one could see her, but we all had a good laugh after the fact. So, here’s some snapshots from last night’s adventure. Thanks to my “techie” friends for helping me with the screen and the sound….and netflix. (I’m a little under-equipped in that area.) Please join me in praying for these students as we discover what it means to love well and live well in the coming weeks and months leading to camp. I think- wait, I know– that God is using these moments to make each of our lives so much richer.

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