Life Lessons From an Ice Cream Party

IMG_0945So, last night I had about 20 friends from the youth group over after church for ice cream sundaes. It was a whim of an idea I’d had a few days before and had wrestled with since. I tend to do that sometimes. But, on this occasion, I struggled because it’s spring break. I’m ashamed now to say that I actually asked myself the following questions: Will kids even want to come to my house? Will ANYONE come? It is too far-fetched? Too risky? Too boring? Is it a dumb idea? Do people even eat ice cream anymore? (I know. I reached an all-time low with that one.) I promise, writing these thoughts are so hard to do because now I see how silly I was to think such crazy things. I don’t know if you can relate, but I often struggle with ideas that I have because I can’t see how they might measure up- or in some cases the way I see them doesn’t measure up at all. It’s me. I tend to over analyze or try to rationalize things in my mind. I know that all the uncertainty was definitely not from God. If anything, God’s cheering me on in the background saying, “Go, Kindall, go! You can do this! I love to see my children build relationships and have fun. Ice cream was a great idea. Go for it!”

So, go for it I did. And after the little flub of trying to give directions to my house (THAT IS LITERALLY 2 BLOCKS FROM THE CHURCH) in front of about 40 people, the ice cream party was a hit. (As a side note- I promise I know where I live, people. Promise.) I loved opening my home to these high school and college students that I have the opportunity to lead in worship every week. I want to be a part of their life. In fact, I need to be a part of their life. You need to be a part of the lives of students in your church too. They teach me how to live simply, how to be relevant, and how to let go of the routine and be free to do things on a whim. And that’s where the lesson was born for me. From the moment the idea was realized to the point where I locked the last door, closed the last blind, and turned off the last light, God taught me that simply being available and present in the lives of students is something that can be so fun and have a lasting impact. I want to be more than the girl that plays the keyboard on Wednesday nights, or sings a few songs, or hosted D’Now a few weeks ago. I want to be someone they know and call by name- first name- someone they can look to for advice, someone they can trust. I want to be a safe place, a fun place, a place where God’s word isn’t merely talked about but lived out.

So the ice cream party might have been a first for me, but it certainly won’t be the last. It amazes me how simple things, like ice cream (with a cherry on top) can teach me to be “eyes wide open” to the things that really matter. So now it’s your turn. What is that idea that God has given you? How are you investing in the lives of our next generation or maybe your own generation? What can you say “yes” to today for God? I’d love to talk about it! Join the conversation below or on Facebook and let me know what you think!

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