Windows Closed, Heart Open


I love this place. Home, that is. I’m not here nearly as much as I’d like to be sometimes, but it makes coming back that much sweeter. I always look forward to Wednesday afternoons. The one day of the week that I’ve purposely scheduled “white space” to be home and just enjoy it. There’s no piano lessons to teach, no meetings to attend, no stuff to do for ministry or others. Not that any of that is bad…..I just enjoy being able to simply live (if only for 3 hours one day a week) without an agenda. I don’t even turn the TV on! Most Wednesdays, I open the windows wide and let the sunshine in. Sometimes I cook. Sometimes I try my hand at a little DIY decorating. Today however, I kept the windows closed, locked the door, and just sat in the quiet while the outside world whizzed by. I do realize that this time would be even more of a rarity if I were married with kids. So I think I’ll enjoy it now while I can! What a simple yet profound visual this was of how my relationship with God looks sometimes. I can’t hear Him if I’m not listening. My eyes aren’t set on Him if I’m so busy checking off “to-do lists”, rehashing in my mind why my 6th graders can’t behave, and thinking of all that needs to be done but might not get done because there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

For me, turning “the world” off has been a challenge. I’m so connected (whether I want to be or not) to what’s going on at school, in the classroom, or at church with ministry, or on my phone within the social media realm that I just can’t seem to get away from it all sometimes. My focus shifts from wanting to hear God’s voice and what really matters to doing everything I can to keep my head above these deep waters I go through every day. I needed to keep the windows closed today so that my heart can rest and listen and share these big dreams with a God who’s bigger than it all.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

And while locked inside of this safe place I’m reminded that He hides us in the palm of His hand. He comforts us when we’re feeling inadequately equipped to meet the demands of our jobs and the stresses of life. He wraps our hearts and minds with peace and gives us all we need to take the next step. He is God, our God and He is good. Today, I’m learning that it is OK to take a step back, close the windows to the outside world and open wide the windows of my heart.


Lord Jesus, my comforter and defender, I’m thankful You’re walking with me. I know that sometimes I simply have to be intentional about spending time with You. The demands of life are overwhelming, but in You I find peace. Help me remember to make time to listen and watch for You every day. Let me be still and know that You are God. Amen.

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