Burnt Toast

Burnt ToastI guess you could say it all happened so fast. Monday mornings aren’t typically a highlight of the week for me. It’s too early to be thinking about what I’m going to have for breakfast much less cooking a decent meal. So toast it is… or was. I had just finished putting myself together when I noticed the time. 7:04. I needed to leave at 7:05 and my lunch had not even been packed. Geez. So, rushing around the kitchen I went. Grabbing things from the fridge, throwing together a sloppy PB&J sandwich, and halfheartedly tossing a piece of bread in the new toaster. I did think to dial back the setting from “bagel” to toast, but apparently it didn’t make much of a difference. A few minutes later, almost late for work and frazzled, I noticed smoke rising from the toaster so I frantically pressed “cancel” only to be greeted by a charred, smelly, piece of bread. Burnt bread. So much for breakfast.

This Monday morning wasn’t going well at all. I arrived at the school (on time, thankfully) and made it down to my classroom, Room 117. When the bell rang, the kids rushed in and the problems continued. No homework. No homework. No homework. I must have had 10 of the 16 kids in my class tell me they forgot to do their homework. (WHAT???? –I’m thinking– THEY HAD THREE DAYS!!!) Before 9:00, I’d already had a discussion with 2 kids about appropriate behaviors in the classroom, one kid walked out of the room because he just “had to go to the bathroom” right then (without notice, warning, or the courtesy to ask permission, mind you), and sent one to timeout for well, just being out of control. I’d already felt like I’d put in a day’s worth of work.

Have you ever had days like this? Sometimes it seems like I keep finding myself at a dead end road. No matter what I do, the day just isn’t going right. It’s like burnt toast, you know? However, God didn’t say that bad mornings have to turn into bad days and bad days into weeks. In my home and my day to day life, at my job, and around family and friends I’m learning to seek out the one that brings peace in the midst of those “burnt toast” kind of times- Jesus. He tells us in John 16:33, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” God is bigger than the problems I face throughout my day. Bigger than the frustrations I feel as a teacher, and certainly bigger than burnt toast!

Lord, I’m thankful that You’re bigger than all of the problems I face in this world. Although our lives as Christ-followers are sometimes a little “burnt” by things like bad days, I’m thankful You are still God and you meet me right where I am. Help me to seek you in those crazy, hectic, and frustrating times so that I may find peace. Amen.

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