Moving In Brings More Blessings (Part 2)

So, after signing the stacks of legal documents I was handed the keys to my very first home. My new purchase. How exciting that moment was. I can remember walking in the door for the first time as THE homeowner. It felt surreal and really cool all  at the same time. I was excited to start moving things in, but not overly rushed. I was happy that I wasn’t on any kind of timeline and there was no “must be moved out of Mom and Dad’s house by….” date.

After closing, it was really time to start thinking about how I was going to fill this house and make it a home. I shopped around quite a bit for just the right pieces of furniture and honestly, my style and “taste” in decor developed as the items were purchased. I always thought I “knew” what I wanted. Obviously not. I was drawn to the pieces of furniture and decor that were just right- or so I thought. In fact, I had picked out a living room set and on the day of delivery my Mom had to meet the delivery truck at the new house. When they brought in the furniture, she noticed a gaping hole in the back of the sofa…..very much unfixable. (Is that even a word??? Oh well.) Needless to say, we sent it right back and started- again- at ground zero. I felt a little frustrated at the time, but God quickly reminded me of His provisions and I felt His hand guiding me in  decisions. It was almost like He literally placed the perfect pieces right in front of me. I can compare the entire process of buying furniture to that of bowling with the bumpers up. You know, the bowling ball can’t go into the gutter if the guard is up. It just bumps it back in line. You literally can not fail. Yes. That was me and God on this journey. Had the first sofa worked it would have been ENTIRELY too small for the space. Let’s just say- God proved He had bigger plans in mind and “bumped” me right back into line.

After the living room was furnished, I had to furnish my room. I shopped. And shopped. And shopped. Until one day I landed at a special store. My Mom and Dad went with me because they’d bought some unique pieces from this place and thought I should give them a try. So we did. The saleslady- Daisy- was so thoughtful and it so happened that the bedroom suite I was interested in was for sale by none other than the store’s former owner. Later that afternoon I went to look at it and ended up buying another bedroom suite she had for sale at an unbelievable price. It was only 2 months old, top of the line, and just beautiful. PLUS, she threw in the sleep number set! Again, God goes big and “bumped” this girl right back in line.

On moving day, I met my neighbors. They are some of the nicest people I know. He’s offered to keep up the yard- free of charge!-, she’s already baked me some goodies. They bring my trashcan up while I’m at work every Wednesday morning, and never miss an opportunity to wave or say hello. I’m a blessed girl.

There are just so many things that God has done to prove His unfailing love and provision to me throughout this entire journey of buying a house. I’m proud to say that at the age of 26 God has allowed me to buy and furnish a beautiful home. I pray that it is in this home many happy memories will be made.

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