Turning a Page- The New House: Part 1

I’ve been putting off writing about this whole experience. It was actually very bittersweet to me at first. I’ve grown up in a very close family. I’ve always had Mom and Dad right there and we’ve been blessed enough to enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle. I think the thought of being alone and lonely in an empty house has really kept my enthusiasm about buying a home at bay. Coming from such a busy home with lots of love, laughter, and family would certainly make the transition more difficult for me because I knew that a new home meant empty rooms, less company, quietness…..lots of quiet. It really scared me to think about being alone. People often ask how God can be active in our everyday life. I’ve never been more sure that He has good plans for us and guides our steps. EVEN in buying a house!

Throughout the past year and half, I’ve been praying about and entertaining the idea of buying a new home or building one. It looks great on paper, but seems overwhelming when you actually start trekking that path. I had house plans drawn up. I looked at land. Measured land. Toured homes- new and old. Nothing seemed to be a “just right” fit for me, though. The time just wasn’t right. So the search for what was right continued but in a lax sort of way. In September, I began really looking seriously at buying a new home. I thought I knew what I wanted…as most buyers do. I looked at big houses, small houses, houses on the water and houses in the city. NOTHING still. Until one day, I received a text from my Dad. He said, “Hey I think you should take a look at this house. It looks nice.” He was unaware that I’d already looked at that house and that I wasn’t too keen on the “look” of it. Too boxy. Too bricky (if that’s a word…) Too blah. BUT, I went inside anyway. What I found when I walked through the front door completely changed things for me. I fell in love with it. And thus began the journey of buying that house.

I can’t explain the depth of God’s love and peace that was felt over the next several weeks that the buying process was taking place. It’s like He was holding my hand in every situation that arose. I can not deny that He had planned this very adventure just for me. And oh, what and adventure it has been!

Whether or not this means anything to you, I want to be able to look back on this entire journey to remember and share with others how God has worked in my life- on my behalf- so that it may be an encouragement and an inspiration to them. Even in the midst of our lives He is God. He watches over us and keeps us in perfect peace.

I began the process of negotiations for the new house. It was so nerve-wracking! I think the waiting process was the hardest. The Lord was teaching me patience! Once we agreed on a price, I signed the contract and the inspections and surveys began. The inspection came back perfectly clean. No bad news to report is a wonderful thing!!! According to the inspector and the realtor, I was buying a 9 year old house that was in near perfect condition. You very rarely find this kind of house anymore. What a blessing that was! I think that’s when I first realized that God was definitely in this.

When the survey of the land came back, we noticed that a 10′ x 23′ portion of the back yard wasn’t included. Unsure of what might happen next, we spent an entire week researching and trying to find the owner of the square in the backyard. God was teaching me that His timing is perfect. As the closing date was coming dangerously close, I knew that if it wasn’t settled we wouldn’t be closing on time. For days I heard nothing (again- waiting…). Finally, the city found the owner and they gladly signed over that little square to be included in the purchase of the home. God was there.

The day before we were scheduled to close, the bank called to address an issue with my account information. Apparently, when the account was opened, much of my information was entered wrong. Wrong social security number, wrong birth date, etc. So, this forced them to resort to putting off the closing for another day- so we thought. The organization handling the closing was saying we had to close by the agreed upon date and the bank was saying we can’t. Just when I thought we’d have to wait yet another day, I received a phone call from the realtor. We were closing! AND- because it was such short notice, they would send the papers to be signed to Macclenny and I could close on the new house without having to take off work, drive to Jacksonville, or deal with the stress of lawyers, closing agents, etc. It was so simple and I knew it was such a blessing. I closed on my new house on October 21, 2014.

And then I moved in….. (Continued in Part 2.)

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