Classroom Debate: Should the US Get Rid of the Penny???

Oh, I just had to post this today. The humor pail has been a little dry lately as we’ve been going through a rough patch in Room 117. It has been rough. The holiday jitters have come a little early this year. Since October, we’ve been dealing with all sorts of interesting behaviors and issues. I could literally write a book….maybe one day I will! As challenging as this year has been thus far, I was reminded today just how funny these kids are. They recently did some debate writing for me and IT WAS FUNNY! They tried so hard and I could tell they poured their heart into each argument. Although some thought we should and others thought we shouldn’t do away with the penny an overwhelming majority argued against ending the penny era. Here’s some of the reasons why they felt this way…. I think it may change your life…

NO! We shouldn’t get rid of the penny because….. (and I write in their words…)

-If you ain’t got enough money you got a penny. Sometimes you pay that penny.

-You wouldn’t be able to get food.

-It just don’t make sense.

-On the penny there is Abe Lincoln. He is one of our Presidents.

-If you go to the store and you have to pay $2.31 and you can’t give the “chasyear” (that would be “cashier”…) .31.

-People use pennies a lot for offering at church.

-You can’t take a penny to the scrap yard and get 2 cents. (FYI-It costs the US .2 to make 1 penny.)

-You might want to give some to a homeless person.

-People donate food and pennies to people who have cancer.

-Pennies are helpful. Pennies are important.

-People get them to help firefighters.

-The church gives them to people in need.

If the general population of Americans would only place as much value on the penny as the 6th graders in Room 117 did- we’d be able to help others more, buy more for less, and America would be a better place. Who knows…we could change the world!

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