A Back To School Prayer for Room 117

Lord, Its your daughter, Kindall. Thank you for the opportunity I have every day to impact the lives of kids. Thank you for gifting me to teach and impart knowledge into young minds. I lift up the little (and some not so little) lives that will walk through the doors of room 117 this year. As they sit in their desks, may they feel safe, loved, and valued. I pray that you would make my classroom your classroom. May your eyes fall on my work there. Help me to remember that the hours spent in room 117 matter just as much to you as the hours spent at church on Sunday. Teach me new things through my students this year. Open my eyes to see you in them. I pray that the days spent in room 117 will be successful and filled with learning opportunities not just to produce smart kids, but to grow smart kids with character. May the words I speak this year be filled with grace. May my classroom be a place that students want to be. Lord, guide my hands and my heart to handle delicate situations with great care and help me be sensitive to hurting students who need me. Flood our lives with lots of laughter and happy memories. Change us for the better. Although I can’t openly talk about my faith in room 117…let my life speak louder than my words could anyway. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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