Learn To See With Your Heart, Kindall

Every time I travel to a new place there are always certain things that stand out and leave an impression. There’s always a lesson to learn and a piece of my life that leaves changed forever.

This week was beautiful- the places, the people, the sounds. I loved walking down the streets of Antigua imagining what it must have been like to live hundreds of years ago in the midst of such beautiful scenery or to grow up in the Guatemalan culture. I was in awe of how ornate the city was and how colorful and vibrant the people were. The children at the Malnutrition Center have stolen a piece of my heart! They are precious and each one is so unique. As I walked the halls this week I couldn’t help but stop to take in the sounds of a baby laughing, scooter wheels squealing around the corners, the cries of the littlest ones just wanting to be held, toys clanging on the floors and walls as the children played. It was loud, no doubt, but oh so sweet.

I saw things a little differently this week. It wasn’t just another mission trip to another country on the map. It was a moment in time marked by such beauty and love. Jesus was there. I saw him with my heart. As I write this, I know that home is just a few hours away and it would be very easy for things to go back to being the same. However, this week it’s as if Jesus said to me, “Learn to see more with your heart, Kindall- not merely with your eyes, or your head, or through the lens of your camera…..but your heart. That’s where you’ll find me.”

I’ve learned that I find God in these unexpected places and I’m challenged to go back home to my comfortable routine, yet be uncomfortable. Talk to people, spend time getting to know them. Slow down and live in every moment. Be okay with allowing things to go God’s way instead of my own. I think God longs for us to see things differently. He was so present this week in everything and I saw Him best when I saw Him with my heart.






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