Monday: God is Here

Today has been exhausting… More so than I think I expected! However, doing God’s work is more rewarding than I could ever put into words. I was so reminded constantly today that God was with us, He was orchestrating the day moment by moment, and giving me the strength I needed to be His hands and feet.

Today was our first day at the malnutrition center. I’m so impacted by the work they do there and the dedication it takes to run an operation like this. Our team got to give love today in a way that many of us don’t ever get the chance to do. We loved children that are away from their families, growing and getting healthier day by day.

I loved holding little Sonja and tickling her tummy as she giggled with the sweetest laugh. Then, watching her purposely toss the ball so that she could leave my lap to chase after it and run right back to me with the widest grin and her arms wide open, ready to be swept up into my arms. Rescued. I could see God in that moment today and couldn’t help but think how much our Heavenly Father longs to love us like that- with arms wide open, ready to rescue us; to give us a safe place. Yet, how often do we find rest in Him? How often do we allow His love to sweep us off our feet and His arms to hold us tightly?

These are the moments that tend to pass by so quickly on the mission field, yet leave a lasting impression because I can say, “God, is here.”

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