Be Grateful. Be Brave. Be His.

There’s so many beautiful stories that I could begin telling and I’ve only been here for a day. It amazes me each time I leave the United States to be the hands and feet of Jesus how much He smooths the path He’s paved out for us. It is such an experience to be caught up in this God story!

I thought instead of breaking down the entire day, I could sum up my thoughts tonight in three simple categories: Be grateful, be brave, and be His.

Be Grateful, Kindall. The Lord opened my eyes to something today-something I’ve known but haven’t really thought much of. I’m so blessed to be in Antigua, Guatemala this week. I realize the provisions God made in advance for me to be here from finances to dates to all of the little details of just doing something like this. It’s beautiful to know I’m a part of a much bigger story than I can fathom. It’s a God thing that I’ve been all over the world sharing the good news of Jesus and I know He’s not finished with my journey. I’m a true testament to the fact that when our heart’s desires line up with God’s will, anything is possible. For this I am so grateful.

Be brave, Kindall. I thought tonight about all of the crazy, adventurous things I’ve had the opportunity to do because of a little bravery God must have deposited into me. I’ve never been the outgoing and adventurous type, but here lately things have changed. It takes bravery to answer the call to go. It takes bravery to travel the world, sometimes with people you don’t know. It takes bravery to volcano board down an active volcano, zip line across a canyon in between two mountains, and see the world from 40,000 feet! But, I’ve done it. Every mission trip stretches me and makes me more brave.

Finally, and most importantly- Be His, Kindall. I may not be like everyone else my age…. Happily married with kids and a nice house, but I know that before anything else, I belong to Jesus. I can’t worry about my future when I know that God has a plan. He proves to me over and over again His love, faithfulness, and mercies are unending. My life tells a story-a God story. I pray that these adventures and the example of my own life would draw others to Jesus’ feet. I’m living a dream all over again this week. God is so good, all the time!






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