Let’s Go to Guatemala!

I’m sure this upcoming week will be full of adventure! (That’s what I love!) I’m already so excited about spending the week with some great friends and the precious Guatemalans I’m soon to meet. We are now in Atlanta, but the flight here was a little more exciting than I anticipated. Flying through bad weather makes for a bumpy ride and heavy eyes. (The heavy eyes part is probably due to the fact that I only got a couple hours of sleep last night.) We’re ready to leave Atlanta and get to Guatemala!

I’ll do my best to update throughout the week. Until then, here’s some ways you can be praying for us this week:

1. Pray for good health!
2. Pray for safety as we travel many miles throughout the country.
3. Pray for those we’ll meet this week in ministry that God would allow us to be His hands and feet as we share the good news of Christ.

Much love-


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