Saturday Adventures in Johannesburg

Today was such a fun day and a very different change of scenery from what we’ve seen and ministered in over the last week. I am so amazed by the fact that I can be standing in the middle of a big city with tall buildings, bright lights, and fancy cars, and in literally 10 minutes down the road find myself in a place where people don’t know what the luxury of having running water is like much less a toilet inside their home. It is very black and white here, no pun intended. The white people work in the city during the week and the black people stay mostly around their township. While this country has come a long way since 1994 and the end of the Apartheid, it still has quite a way to go. I can definitely sense where the lines are drawn. Although this is a free, democratic country the people separate themselves by color regardless of the fact they don’t have to anymore.
However today was refreshing for a few reasons. 1. We were able to have a girls morning out with Pokie and Tsegho. We went downtown to the “Neighborgoods Market.” It was so incredible!!! The market was developed in an old parking garage. It’s basically like a huge food show with every type of food you can imagine. From pizza to burgers and sandwiches, gelato, fish, soups, coffee, breads, meats, cheeses, crepes, flatbreads, pretzels, gourmet waffles, tacos, they had it all! And the awesome thing was, they cooked it right there! I loved it. I ate some kind of chicken with a white sauce and cheese grated on top. It was soooo good! Everyone else tried different things so we each could taste it. It was such a fun morning! Also, I’ve never seen that much diversity in one place. There were white people, black people, Indian people, you name it. That was great to experience today.
2. After leaving the market, we went to the Lion Park. We took a little safari in the van and was able to drive right up to wild African animals. I saw lions, cheetahs, giraffes, wild dogs, zebras, ostriches, some kind of gazelle, and buffalo (Basically the cast of The Lion King). Then, inside the park, I played with baby lion cubs and giraffes. We actually fed the giraffes and the ostrich! They walked right up to us. It was a really fun day!
3. Our team had dinner at a really great restaurant called Doppio Zero. It was an Italian restaurant and it was delicious! I had the rustic chicken mayo sandwich made with their homemade bread. So good! We ate outside and got to see the sun set behind the mountains which was a beautiful sight.
I’m so thankful that it got to experience so much beauty here today. From witnessing the diversity in all to the people in the crowded market, to the majestic lions and the unique animals at the Lion Park, to the breathtaking sunset, I realize just how beautiful all of God’s creations are and how amazing He is.
Tomorrow I’m getting up very early to head to Grace Bible Church in Soweto then, we’re going to Mondeor Baptist Church. So, I’ll get two South African church experiences in one day. After church we’re going to the market to shop around and then maybe get some dinner at a traditional South African restaurant, I think. It almost time to start packing up to head back home! Just a couple more days! I’m looking froward to being back on American ground and with my family.


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