Thursday Update From Kliptown

Another day has come and gone. The time seems to pass so quickly here. I guess it’s because we’re so busy. We move from one thing to the next and it’s almost as if we’re so caught up in the moment that time is not a priority. By the time I do finally get a chance to look at the clock I’m always shocked to find how quickly time has passed. I guess the saying is true: time does fly when you’re having fun! Speaking of fun, our team had an absolute blast today. I can tell that day after day we’re growing closer and it’s probably going to be difficult for me to go back home knowing that they’re going to Michigan and I’ll be in Florida. I’ve haven’t laughed so much in my whole life! It makes a HUGE difference being on a team with people who love to laugh, cut up, and just have a great time.
So this morning we returned to the preschool where we spent some time in the classrooms, fed the kids lunch, and played on the playground. I pushed kids on the swing set which was really fun. Then we played in the sandbox. Imagine a 6×6 sandbox with about 15-20 kids in it…. That was us today! It felt great to be a kid again. Then we drove over to the coffee shop where the staff of the KYP met us and we had the opportunity to honor them for their service to Kliptown’s children. The difference they’re making is so amazing. We shared coffee, cakes, and great conversation. When they left, our team stayed around for a long time and we had an unexpected opportunity to relax. We went upstairs to the balcony and talked, laughed, played goofy games, took tons of pictures, and laughed some more. It was a blast to get to be together without any agenda. Then we went back to the house where we were able to nap for a little while before heading out to the Putu’s house for dinner. What an incredible family they are. Time with them is always a party. We had a wonderful meal of grilled chicken, steak, and sausage, creamed spinach, coleslaw, corn meal (which was like thick grits for us southern people), and chakalaka (I don’t know what was in it, but it was good). After doing the dishes and getting things cleaned up, we all sat in the living room and watched an unbelievably funny comic on the television. Again, we laughed and laughed until late in the night. If I could use one word to sum up the day today it would be ‘laughter’.
It really does my heart good to be here and love this place and the people I’m with. I love laughing with them and at them. It’s nice to be away from home and know that although I do miss it and the people there, I’m not homesick in a negative way at all. I’m glad to know that I’m not going home to a crazy schedule so busy that I won’t have time to process this experience. Although my heart was somewhat broken at the thought of all the changes in my ministry and my typical summer plans, I can see how God is working. In this place, I’m free from the stresses of life back home. I’m free from feeling like I have so many people to please and the expectation to be everywhere at once. Sometimes we have to let the good go to get to the great. I had to let some things go to be here in South Africa this week. Many times, when things were going so great, I often asked God if it could ever get better. God took me out of the situation (far from it, in fact!) so that I could see where I’m headed next and how great this actually is! Change is hard. Learning this lesson has been no easy road to walk. And although I’m not walking it alone, God impacts us individually so that we may know Him more intimately and change the world- one little lesson at a time. While some doors may be closing many new doors of opportunity are opening and much greater things are on the horizon.
I’m looking forward to getting back home to live life a little more simply, laugh a little more freely, and see where God wants to take me next.


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