Wednesday in South Africa

This has been such an amazing week so far! I am so thankful to be here and get to share in this experience with some amazing people. I’ve met some shakers and movers for the Kingdom of God this week. Today was a busy day. We arrived at the preschool around 9am and hit the ground running. I was in the toddler room today where I was greeted with huge smiles and warm hugs from the little ones. They were precious!!! We played and rocked. They had a little lessons on colors and shapes. Then, I was able to feed them and put them down for naps. One kid even fell asleep standing up in my arms! At nap time, the teachers lay them down on their mats, take off their shoes, and cover them up. No child cried and it was the most peaceful nap time I’ve ever witnessed!
We had lunch at Pokie’s coffee shop today. Pokie is Mpho’s wife and she’s awesome. We really love them both. After lunch we headed back to the KYP where we worked in the kitchen making 520 bologna and butter sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch. Then it was time to serve dinner to 420 hungry kids. On the menu: maize meal and chicken feet. It smelled good but looked gross! I dipped plates for a while and then greeted kids for a while. I couldn’t imagine being in a child’s position that had to stand in a line for the only hot meal they’d get that day. It’s humbling! The looks on their faces are priceless and knowing that even though they may never know my name the eternal implications are so huge and worth it all.
Tonight we went to The Market Theater to see a play called, “Missing….” It was really a neat cultural experience for me to get to be a part of that. I’m glad we’ve been able to not only impact lives but also learn about the people and the culture here.
Tomorrow we’re headed back to the KYP and then we’re honoring the staff with cakes (which are like donuts here) and drinks at Pokie’s coffee shop. Tomorrow night we’re having dinner at the Putu’s house (That’s Mpho, Pokie, Sayho, and Rory). I’m feeling great this week and I’m so thankful for good health and a really nice place to stay. It makes a huge difference when you feel comfortable in a foreign place. Mama Patricia and David have gone out of their way to be sure that our stay is excellent. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. It really means a lot to know that people back home care, ask questions, and check up on me either through family, Facebook, or the blog. I can’t wait to share pictures, videos, and the stories that have made such an impact on my life.


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