Tuesday at the KYP

Wow. Being so immersed in ministry and culture like we are this week it is very difficult to process everything and really hone in on what God is teaching me. I have walked on many lands around the world, yet I’ve never seen poverty like this. Metal tin sheds about the size of my guest bathroom houses 9 family members. No running water, no electricity, no sanitary bathroom practices. The living conditions here would be unimaginable for Americans. 75% of the population is jobless. Yet everyday people call Kliptown home. What I’ve seen is overwhelming, humbling, and truly eye opening. On one side of the tracks you’ll find government housing, decent homes with water and electricity. On the other side you find muddy streets lines with waste and one room metal homes made from scraps. I wish that you could have walked where I walked today and saw the things that I saw. I wish you could hear the real life stories from these people and then maybe you’d be able to understand where I’m coming from.
I gave a devotion for my team this morning about Joshua’s faith and boldness to follow God even in the midst of fear. It went well and if it wasn’t for anyone else, it was certainly for me. We arrived at the KYP at around 9:15am where we found lots of preschool children finishing up breakfast and heading off to their classrooms. I was placed in a classroom where centers were set up and about 20 eager 4 year olds were ready to play. We built things with blocks, made beaded necklaces to work on colors and patterns, and read several storybooks together before heading outside to play with the soccer balls, sing, and dance. There’s a platform the kids would climb up on and jump off into my arms for me to “fly” them around. The giggles and the laughter was priceless and worth every aching muscle I now have. We had lunch at “Wimpy’s” which was a delicious burger place here in Joburg. After lunch we headed back to the KYP to serve hot meals, tutor, and spend quality time with the 460 kids in the program. I dipped food, washed dishes in a huge washtub, and then mopped the muddy floor before calling it a day. I also had the chance to sit in on a 6th grade class which was pretty cool. I’ve learned a few new Zulu phrases. “Sharp, sharp” (pronounced- shop, shop) means cool or very cool. “Sonni bononnie” means hello. (Excuse the spelling here, I’m typing it as it sounds:))
Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be a very busy day for us. We’re going back to the preschool in the morning, lunch, then KYP in the afternoon. We’re also visiting with the scholarship college students and going to the theater to see a show in downtown Johannesburg tomorrow night. Our team is fantastic and we share lots of laughter and fun together. Please continue to pray for our safety and health this week as well as for God to continue to make our paths straight here in South Africa.


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