Marching on Monday

June 16th commemorates a tragic day in South African history. Today is Youth Day where everyone celebrates the freedoms people here today because of the youth who stood up to end the Apartheid government’s rule over their education. We participated in the rally and the march today where we traced the steps of those 20,000 students who peacefully marched. It is believed that over 1,000 students were murdered by police on that day. It was surreal to walk those streets and try to fathom what that fateful day in 1976 might have been like.
After marching, we had lunch with all of our new South African friends at Nando’s (a delicious chicken place) then toured a little bit of Kliptown in Soweto.
Tonight we’re going to a theater show and probably watching the US play in the World Cup. As of now, my luggage still has not arrived…. I am hopeful that tonight I will be able to wear pajamas instead of the clothes I’ve been wearing for 5 days now. In this morning’s devotion, Doug reminded us from 1 Peter 1:3-9 that even though we may face many trials (such as being without luggage…) we should count it pure joy because trials such as these build genuine faith. It think my parents would be proud. As hard as it has been to not get discouraged and complain, I’ve remained positive and actually found some humor in all of it. If I don’t laugh I might cry! Lol. My team has been great and very kind and accommodating through all of this.

I’ll update later!

2 thoughts on “Marching on Monday”

  1. Kindall, I am praying for you and your whole team. I hope by now you have gotten your luggage. What a fiasco to go through, but you have weathered it so gracefully and remained calm in the midst of it. I am praying for the safety of you and your team and for lost souls to come into the Lord’s Kingdom as you minister for Him. May God continue to keep
    his hand upon you as you work for Him.
    Bless you, Honey.
    Love your neighbor,


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