Journey to South Africa Pt. 2

There’s probably no way I’d ever be able to describe for you the feeling of knowing that God is near. It’s really an indescribable peace. For me personally there’s always a little bit of anxiety that creeps it’s way into my mind when I know that I’m leaving for a little while and especially when I comprehend the vast distance between me and those I love. I think I’ve realized that doing Gods work by traveling the world is not only a part of His plan for my life, but the fulfilling of my heart’s desire to see the world. I hear people talk all the time about how God feels so near on a mission trip. I couldn’t agree more. On Thursday night, I watched the full moon rise over the horizon from 30,000 feet. What a beautiful moment! I met a wonderful woman who sat next to me on a bumpy flight to Boston and didn’t even get her name. However, she reaffirmed the reason I was on that flight, in that seat. She blessed me just like my mama does every night…. “May The Lord bless you and keep you…” After nearly an hour delay leaving Jacksonville, I hadn’t anticipated having to run through the Boston international airport to catch my next flight, but much to my surprise I did. Praise The Lord that I wasn’t the only person flying to Paris from Jacksonville!!! They held up the flight. I ran. I made it. We all made it! No dinner, no bathroom, no moment of relaxation, but I made it. Upon getting on the plane and finding my seat, I feel I didn’t make a very good first impression to the woman sitting next to me because I was so out of breath and a little stressed that my emotions were almost getting the best of me. I really just wanted to cry. The woman overheard me talking to my mama and daddy and commented on my use of the words “sir” and “ma’am”. She asked about my trip and we had a good conversation about values. She told me that she could tell just by the way I talked that I had good values and was a good person. Discernment? Maybe. God at work? Totally.
Because of the timing of this flight, I am now watching the sun rise as I fly over the Atlantic Ocean. It’s so bright outside that they’ve shut every window on this plane to preserve the darkness just a little longer and allow people to sleep. I can’t sleep. I just can’t help but think about the moments that have defined this trip thus far and the peace that comes from knowing that God has orchestrated it all. Down to even the smallest details like who I sit next to on a plane is all under God’s control.
When I land it will be about 6am EST and 11:30am in Paris. I plan to spend the day touring the city and getting to enjoy a little bit of Parisian culture. I’m really excited about that!
So with all that’s happened thus far, this trip is already proving to be an adventurous one. I’m all in and ready for what God has next!


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