Journey Update: South Africa and Guatemala

Summertime is here and school is almost out! (I can hear the Hallelujah Chorus playing as I type this….(o:) I’ve been so blessed this year and I’m looking forward to what lies just around the corner. I had a “Facetime” meeting with my South Africa team this afternoon and my excitement level went through the roof! I’m the only one in Florida on the team…everyone else is in Michigan, so we communicate the best way we can. Thank God for iphones! I am so thrilled to be going. (If you haven’t read the story, check it out from the post- Journey to South Africa) 

 Even though I haven’t met my team face to face, I can tell from our Skype or Facetime chats that their hearts are for God. We’re going to be serving children in the Kliptown Youth Program (Look it up…awesome ministry!) in Johannesburg, South Africa. We’ll get to take part in a mini VBS, afterschool tutoring, and sharing Jesus with some of the world’s most desolate people. What an honor!

Not only that, but God has given me the opportunity to travel to Guatemala to serve with Orphan’s Heart in their Malnutrition Center. We’ll be caring for and loving children whose families can’t afford or don’t have themeans to care for them. They willingly send them to the center until they are able to take them back. They’re doing what’s best for their children. While at the malnutrition center, not only are the children cared for and fed, they’re taught to follow Jesus- the one who sustains us and meets our every need. 

God is doing great things. I can remember praying just two years ago that God would use me to share Him with the world and He’s still answering that prayer. From the Philippines to Nicaragua, South Africa, and Guatemala, he is using me. It’s humbling to watch how God has put me in these places.

I would love for you to follow my journey to South Africa and Guatemala this summer. Please continue to pray and follow the blog as I’ll post updates regularly. Here are some specific things that you can be praying for now…

1. Pray for safe travels! I leave in about 3 weeks to fly to South Africa. I’llfly alone to Paris and meet my team there. I’m a little nervous about that, but I know God has it all under control. Those long haul flights are always a little unnerving to me though.

2. Pray for my eyes to be opened to what God is doing around me and in me. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the stress and/or excitement of making such a bold leap of faith that we forget to notice what God is actually doing in us and through us. 

3. Pray for focused direction. God is doing a lot in my life right now. To hear His voice, I need to be still in the midst of chaos and quiet in the midst of such noise. I need to know where to step next as I make some pretty big life decisions. 

God is at work.




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