Two Cents Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and after the morning I’ve already had, I think I’m ready to add my two cents to the world. After taking the day off yesterday, I was expecting (and honestly REEEEAAALLLY hoping) to walk in to my classroom and find a good note from the substitute teacher. However, I have no idea where those expectations and wishes came from because that hasn’t happened once this year in all the days I’ve been out….VERY wishful thinking. Instead I walked in to find a messy classroom, a note from a very unhappy substitute teacher, two referrals, another note from my aide about how awful things were, and about 6 of my dear coworkers who greeted me at the door to ask what in the world had happened in Room 117 yesterday and then give me their version of the story. It wasn’t even 8:00 and I was wishing I’d just stayed in bed. I think I’ve probably been through at least 8 subs this year. (And needless to say, that sub probably won’t be back….) I feel like the mom with kids so unruly she can’t keep a nanny. Not to mention I have 22 of them. I’m sure this little nugget of real life in room 117 will find its way into the book I’m going to write someday.


As a teacher, I’ve learned to keep my cool when it really matters and fight the battles worth fighting. Naturally, I’m a very laid back person and I tend to just go with the flow to avoid confrontation and disrupting the peace. My classroom room is a fun place, with lively conversation and laughter, but sometimes the ball drops. (I think that yesterday the ball dropped and shattered into a million tiny pieces.) I probably don’t have to tell you that my classroom is VERY, and I repeat, VERY peaceful today. (Those who are teachers will know what I mean.) I think my kids got the hint quickly that I wasn’t too happy.

So, it seems that in everything lately there is a little fiasco. This one will pass and the sun will shine again on Room 117. For now, we’re just trying to make it through today. I normally don’t put things like this out there, but considering the circumstances, I think I will. Here’s a few ways that you can pray for us today:

1. Pray for me. (Yes, teachers- especially this one- always need and appreciate your prayers.) As this school year draws to a close, I’m praying for patience, peace, and the persistence to finish strong.

2. Pray for the students in my classroom. They’ll be graduating the 6th grade soon and moving on to new, uncharted territory- the 7th grade! I pray they’re ready. (And the teachers that get them are ready….Sorry, I just had to throw that in there!)

3. Pray for all those individuals that come into contact with the children in my classroom on a daily or weekly basis. Pray that they’ll show love and strong leadership that will help these kids become the well-rounded individuals I know they can be.

I don’t take lightly what God put me in Room 117 to do. In the big picture, I pray that these kids will look back at their 6th grade year in Miss Crummey’s class and know that they were loved, cared for, and taught not only academics, but character and what it truly means to be the best you can be.  Although today I’ve shone the light on perhaps one of the “not so good” moments, looking back I’m sure I’ll find that the sun was shining through far more than the clouds tried to cover and even in the darkest days I found a way to sing in the rain.


2 thoughts on “Two Cents Tuesday”

  1. I feel your pain about this! I had some of those days in the classroom my last two years. I will pray about the things you asked for regarding your students, Kindall. I am sure those kids know they are loved by you. I know you have made a lasting impact on their lives. God bless you, Honey.


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