Journey To South Africa

I never dreamed that the Lord would lead me here. Never did I imagine I’d be used in this way. It amazes me sometimes to think that God would (or could) ever use me to accomplish such things for His Kingdom. In June, I’ll travel to South Africa on a mission trip to bring the hope of Christ to some of the world’s most precious people. In a country stricken by AIDS and poverty the need is great. We’ll be working with pastors to minister to school children through VBS programs. We’ll train pastors and their wives to lead churches that develop healthy marriages and families. We’ll share the good news of Jesus with the lost. These people need Jesus. They need to know that they’re loved by a heavenly Father that created them uniquely in His image and wants a relationship with them. What an honor it is for me to get to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these people. 

It all came about so casually. I thought I was sharing stories of my time in the Philippines with two men who had traveled from Michigan to teach in a marriage and family workshop for our church last April. Little did I know I God was beginning to work. God was using Doug and Dan to expand the horizons for me. Like pieces of the puzzle coming together, I could barely see the big picture at first. When asked if I’d be interested in going to South Africa, my first reaction was, “YES!” I never really thought anything would actually become of it…”oh ye of little faith!” In August, I received an email from Doug just checking in and again inviting me to South Africa. There was no way at that point that turning back was an option for me. I knew that God was at work and that He wanted me to be a part of His plan. 

So, over the last several months, I’ve been praying and preparing (both spiritually and financially) to go to South Africa. As June nears the reality that God is going to do some amazing things in and through me is setting in and I can hardly wait! I’d love to take you along on this journey with me. Here are some specific ways you can help and be a part:

1. PRAY! The most critical element of any mission trip is prayer. As I prepare to travel and serve, please pray for our team’s safety and health. Pray that God would open my eyes to His plans and His purpose for my life.

2. GIVE! If you are able to sow a seed financially, please contact me via email for ways to give at

3. GO! Help me spread the word! Share the link to this blog on Facebook, Twitter, and email and let’s get others involved! 


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