Best Year Ever!

Change. I don’t think I’ve ever been totally for it or against it. In my career, I see change quite regularly and I have to adapt. Ready or not. In my ministry, I see change that sometimes hurts, sometimes helps, and sometimes heals. In my personal life, I’ve had to make some changes that I knew would keep me in line with God’s will for my life- no matter how difficult they were. I know some people who shy away from change. Then again, I know many others who flock to it. I think that change is inevitable, especially if we are going to survive in the ebb and flow of life.

With so much emphasis on the new year and fresh beginnings, I find it only fitting for myself to take a step back and take in, once again, the big picture- my life. Where am I going? What do I want to become? What can God accomplish through me? These, too, may be questions you’ve asked at some point in your journey. For me, they’re hard to answer at times. Yet, it seems that at the dawn of 2014, my life is an open book waiting to be written. I’ve sometimes forgotten how much of a blessing this is! Especially when I’m knocking on the door of 26 without having found the man that God made for me or having established roots in “grown-up” life. Oh well, the time will come and it will be right. I know that God has been speaking over my life the need for change. Some things must change. 

With confidence I can claim that in 2014 I choose to embrace the changes that I must make to position myself to reap the blessings God wants to give. No longer will the chains of complacency hold me back from standing up for what should be although it is not. No longer will I linger in the shadows of what is common practice for people like me. What does that look like? I have no idea. Where God leads, I will follow. What God says to do, I will do. Through all of this I think God may have some amazing things planned. I cannot wait to see what 2014 holds! This will be the best year ever!Image


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