Celebrating Successes

I’ve been praying lately and just waiting to hear from God on several things. It seems as though the days are passing so quickly and by the time the end of the week rolls around the days prior seem like such a blur of activity. I constantly go from teaching reading and math, to piano lessons two days a week, to church functions and ministry, to trying to find some time to plan for the future and the list goes on and on. My calendar is booked thus leaving little time for me to actually live in the moment. I’m trying to do a little better at stepping back from my busy life to be present in the moment and enjoy the little, simple things that make my life meaningful. Today, I witnessed a God moment. Although it wasn’t one of those “rock your world” moments where God’s presence is undeniable, it certainly was a moment in which I knew God was speaking to me. 

I know that many times my life tends to get mundane because in my line of work as a teacher, success is measured over time- not necessarily on a day to day basis. (Well, sometimes if I’ve made it through the day alive it’s a success!!!) If the children have shown improvement over the course of a year, we’ve succeeded. We don’t usually see daily progress although (I know) it’s being made. It’s very much like weight loss. People tend to notice around week 4, not the day after you begin dieting. So, today, on a typical Thursday, one of my most precious gems of a student absolutely made my day and I saw a success worthy of celebration. 

During our reading time each day we do something called literature circles. We’re reading a book as a class and in groups of 4 the students meet daily to discuss the parts of the book and the characters. I’ve been using this time as a way to also teach proper (and polite) discussion and conversation in the social setting. We’ve been working on saying things like, “I agree with you because….” or, “I’d like to add….” The students have been using these conversations pieces, if you will, in their literature circles and it is a beautiful sound to a teacher’s ears! So, this afternoon, after showing my students the CNN student news segment and opening the discussion about the various topics presented, I noticed the students had quite a bit to say. The noise level rose quickly and in my attempt to calm everyone down I saw that the hand of this particular student was raised. So I proceeded to allow him a turn to speak. Following the discussion, the first words out of his mouth were, “I’d like to add…..” I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard! He had correctly come into the conversation without me prompting or redirecting. You must understand that things like this just don’t happen everyday- ESPECIALLY with this child. I was doing the happy dance inside and I wanted to make sure I applauded his word choice. It truly was a beautiful moment and one in which I would consider a small, but mighty victory. His smile was beaming when I told him that he’d just made my day. 

As the afternoon wore on I was reminded of that moment in my classroom today. I felt my heart grow so happy and it was as if God was saying- “These little moments are all around you everyday, Kindall. It’s okay to stop and celebrate sometime.” 


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