Tuesday Tales from Room 117

Today has not been a good day. This isn’t going to be some pity party post about how terrible my life is (’cause it’s not!) but I did want to throw that out there. There are very few times that I feel like everything is working against me (which makes for a pretty lousy day) and today was one of those days for me. EVERYTHING- it seemed- was at odds with me. Here’s a humorous (or so it seems now) look at all the events that made my Tuesday one to talk about. 

1. I woke up late. Missed my walk. Was almost late for work. Almost. 

2. Made it to the classroom just in time only to find that all the copies I’d made for the day were still in the car. So I made the journey back to the car to retrieve Tuesday’s assignments. 

3. During our morning vocabulary practice a student dropped a small whiteboard on my foot. It wasn’t just the whiteboard, though. I thought the corner of the board pierced my foot. It was 8:30am and I was already having to hold back the tears. 

4. During AR time, my principal walked in and asked a student what we had been working on today. The student’s response, “A crossword puzzle.” What a great impression I’m making! Ha. 

5. I called today to figure out what I needed to do with my transcripts since I now have a Master’s degree. I mean- I want it to be recognized and I want to get paid for it! Who wouldn’t, right!?!? ——————- So much for that thought! Apparently it doesn’t work that way. Thanks new senate bill! :/

6. In the midst of what seemed like a barrage of about 100 questions coming at me all at once from 22 chatty 6th graders two minutes before the bell rang, signing planners, packing kids up, and listening to the afternoon announcements, I forget to let one of my students leave early. (He has to leave early to beat the crowd. Long story.) Anyway, slightly big “Uh Oh!” Thank goodness his mom is cool. 

7. Headed to Jacksonville after school. Made it safely to Target. Realized I was hungry so I bought some popcorn and a coke. $1.99. Can’t beat it, right? All was fine until I made it to the makeup aisle. Then, out of nowhere, I pick up my drink and SPLASH! The lid comes off. The drink pours out. All over the buggy, my feet, and the floor. I know that lady that worked at Target heard me gasp. I guess she knew that if she turned around she’d bust out laughing. So, I pulled it together, tapped her on the shoulder, and kindly asked her to call for a cleanup. Without hesitation she did. And just as quickly I jetted toward the check out line!

8. Oh, but wait. It gets better! As I’m in the line I hear this message come through on the radios- “Backup needed on aisle A6 for a large spill. Backup needed.” The lady working the register that I’m in line for leaves in a hurry with not one but TWO large boxes of paper towels. Wow. At that very moment, I glanced down at the empty cup in my buggy and knew exactly who they were talking about. 

9. When I finally made it through the 5:00 traffic – that was the last thing I needed- I decided to go for a bike ride since I didn’t make the walk this morning. Now I can’t sit down. Let’s pray I’m healed in the morning. 

All of this has made my day quite eventful. Although in the moment I wanted to throw my hands up and just cry, I look back now with a slight smile on my face because when I put it altogether it seems kind of funny. Well, some parts do. I’m so reminded today to be thankful for what Lamentations 3:22-23 says, 

Because of the Lord’s faithful love

we do not perish,

for His mercies never end.

They are new every morning;

great is Your faithfulness!

Tomorrow is a brand new day! A fresh start! A new chance to live! I’ll gladly say goodbye to today and hello to the opportunity to start over. 

Turning the page on Tuesday,


One thought on “Tuesday Tales from Room 117”

  1. Wow!!! You told that story so good it felt like I was right there. You have such a positive outlook on things, very inspiring.


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