Day 4 in Nicaragua

Today has been good, but very busy (and VERY HOT!)!  We decided at the beginning of the week that we wanted to cook for the children that came to VBS one night. While plans were tweaked and changed many times to accommodate our resources, we made that happen today. Most of the morning was spent shopping for supplies and food. We fed over 100 people today! One of the most difficult items to find here was a cooler. What would ordinarily cost around $25 dollars in America costs $60 here because they are so hard to come by. Here, coolers are a luxury. So, after the morning shopping trip, we had lunch at TipTop and then made the trip to the grocery store. I have now experienced and navigated my way around a Nicaraguan supermarket! After shopping for groceries, we made our way via taxi to Isaiah’s house- 8 people, 2 coolers, 20 shopping bags (it seems), and 2 backpacks full of VBS supplies in 2 tiny cars. What a sight!

After cooking all afternoon, we made it to the church and started VBS. We later learned that to have food cooked on the grill is a luxury! What seems so simple and ordinary to us is quite rare here. The majority of the people who ate today had never (NEVER!) had a grilled hamburger or hotdog!!! The kids were awed by the golden crowns they got to decorate, the VBS tattoos, and all the beautiful necklaces and hair clips (for the girls). I noticed tonight they they linger at the church long after VBS is over. They won’t leave until we do! In fact, they ran down the road yelling and cheering for us as we drove away tonight. What an awesome feeling! We can’t speak their language, yet they know they’re loved. 

Tomorrow is another very busy day! We’re visiting 2 churches and have lots to get done on our last day of VBS here in Nicaragua. I know that words will never be able to give justice to the experience we have here in this country. So, I pray that our lives will be changed in such a way that someone else is inspired to join the mission of taking Jesus’ name to the ends of the earth! 


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