Day 3 in Nicaragua

Well- We’ve made it to day 3! Things are going great here! We’ve had an amazing time and God has been so good to us. Today we took on an adventure and went volcano boarding down the Cerro Negro Volcano. It was quite an adventure and one that I’ll never forget!!!! After hiking a steep, rocky volcano for an hour and a half, the payoff was not only the view, but an incredible ride down the side of the volcano on a sled at a 45 degree angle. I know I had to have been traveling at speeds over 30 or 40 miles per hour! It was indescribable! 

Tonight we continued our VBS. The people here are so happy to see us. The children are very excited about VBS and we’ve been able to share God’s love with over 70 each night! I can’t describe the feeling knowing that I’m with a team of people who care enough about seeing God’s name carried to the ends of the earth that they would sacrifice their time and money to be here. I am humbled. 

This week God has shown me that no matter where I go and how I perceive things to be, His plans and purposes are always fulfilled. Even though I feel unprepared at times and a little nervous about how things will turn out, He always has control. These people are hungry for Jesus. If only you could sit with me next to a child who for the first time is touching a beach ball or putting stickers on a piece of paper to remind them that Jesus loves them. Things are very simple here. It doesn’t take much to brighten the eyes of a child with the love of Jesus. That’s why I love this and that’s why I’m here.


2 thoughts on “Day 3 in Nicaragua”



    1. Thanks! We certainly have some giving people in our church. Those on this trip have given of their time and money to be here. They wanted to do mission work and found a way to make it happen! Glad I could join them!


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